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Thrashing in a sentence

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Sentence count:62+6Posted:2017-05-04Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: thrashwashing machinecashingdashingclashingsplashingwashing sodacash inMeaning: [θræʃ]  n. 1. a sound defeat 2. the act of inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows. 
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31 It was gone in a trice, saving him from a terrible thrashing or many long hours standing in disgrace.
32 So, to a screech of whistles the band plunge into a set full of jangling guitars and thrashing drums.
33 As for Hague's speech, this is all desperate thrashing about by a failed leader of a failed party.
34 Broken cheekbone Stowmarket recovered from their thrashing to record a 64-run win at home to Witham.
35 She could hear the sea thrashing about in the dark; for a moment the darkness looked as if it was shifting too.
36 Often he seemed desperate, violent, as if thrashing around inside himself for certainties that weren't there.
37 Could we arrange for such offenders to have a sound thrashing?
38 He's a restless sleeper, kicking and thrashing about throughout the night.
39 The faceless presence, thrashing and twisting like a hooked shark, was drawn to its doom.
40 Surely not ... She ran upstairs again, heedless of the dolphin thrashing wetly on the upper landing.
41 After a fortnight drying out, the sheaves will be stacked in a rick ready for thrashing to separate out the grain.
42 He grabbed hold of the net and prepared himself for when the giant eel came thrashing into sight.
43 The multi-billion-pound business had already taken a severe thrashing last year, as the outside world began to shrink away from growing violence.
43 try its best to gather and create good sentences.
44 I struggle with them, thrashing around, and wake up to the alarm.
45 Last week in the House, I suggested that such people should be given a sound thrashing.
46 More screams and grimaces and thrashing about, and then pure vertigo.
47 Raving and thrashing about, the victim becomes gradually weaker and, if lucky, may eventually become unconscious.
48 Once, twice, and then again Mark tried to lasso the thrashing fish, and failed.
49 It sounds to me as if you all need a jolly good thrashing.
50 Sometimes they are quiet and bitter, and some-times they bellow like wounded animals, thrashing out at a hostile universe.
51 Wigan's victory was also a record defeat for Swinton - beating the 76-3 thrashing by Huddersfield in 1946.
52 But thrashing Dnipro and Shakhtar Donetsk was easy.
53 Leeds celebrated their 6 - 1 thrashing of Chelsea.
54 The water was thrashing and churning about under the propellers.
55 The pickpocket was thrashing around in an attempt to get free.
56 The old man was thrashing the soy - bean crop.
57 It spent most of its time waiting for the swap disk, thrashing like Emacs on a VAX.
58 Pine Sage watches Kite thrashing about in the northwest wind.
59 Convulsions, thrashing about on the floor, glassy-eyed , foaming, rigid.
60 "I see," the young man replied, somberly observing his daughter's pointed thrashing.
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