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Systematical in a sentence

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Sentence count:51Posted:2018-05-30Updated:2018-05-30
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1. The way he works isn't very systematical.
2. A systematical and complete processing method is presented.
3. The systematical experiment on oil sludge solidification was carried out in laboratory.
4. As a complicated systematical social project, the fanner-worker's acquiring citizenship is facing a lot of handicaps , some of which are institutional while some come from the workers themselves.
5. Till now, there isn't any systematical research on the innovative-type of closed end funds about design of the terms of the fund and what the effects of these terms in China market are.
6. This article presents a systematical research on the design of this neotype hybrid-structure aimed at finding an optimum agreement between the art of architecture and the structure safety, in.
7. Computer-Aided Systematical Identification of Softwoods. III. Pinaceae, Taxodiaceae and Cupressaceae.
8. A systematical experimental method of acid treatment for increasing injection of injection wells and well stimulation in the low permeability reservoir of Binnan oil field was proposed.
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9. Secondly, whether the systematical description of the science concept and principle can be accepted by the students is worthy of conferment .
10. However, there still lack of systematical methods to reduce the purchasing cost.
11. The systematical and comprehensive field researches show that the major factor limiting proso(Panicum miliaceum) potential productivity currently is the lack of soil nutrition.
12. A detailed and systematical experiment on the flow pattern for Guide Vaned Cyclone Tube of EPVC-IB developed by the author has been carried out.
13. This paper makes systematical analysis and subsumption for each error connection of main transformer's differential protection, and puts forward corresponding methods for correction.
14. Optimization is widely applied in the systematical analysis of the chemical engineering process. Since the 1970s, multiobjective optimization computational approach has been greatly developed.
15. This paper gives a systematical research on high frequency distortion Performance of vehicle shock absorber.
16. A calculation procedure is thus given to integrate all the state vectors of individual rotors together so as to form a systematical state vector to link all rotors together through coupling elements.
17. As an attempt in this paper, the available related judgment parameters are found based on the systematical analysis of characteristic curves of flow dynamic axis, bank line and levee line.
18. The article describes the design thinking of new signal blocking system, introduces the principle and structure and expatiates on the user interface, systematical logic and arithmetic realization.
19. In long - term research and practice, Shen Jiaben has formed a systematical classification method of legal literature.
20. The cognitive pragmatic approach to metonymy, it seems that, has complemented the cognitive semantics to a comprehensive and systematical study.
21. This system hao fulfilled the design of digital cymometer of systematical frequency survey system by using the design of FPGA device.
22. At the same time, in the constitution of policy for talent introduction, we should follow the systematical principle, delamination principle and market principle.
23. On the dialectic point of view, the influences of Cauchy's systematical study on the theory of permutation to understanding Galois Theory to mathematicians in France are appraised.
24. Based on a careful understanding of his main work on universals: Logica ingredientibus, the present paper tries to give a systematical account of Abelard's philosophical thoughts of nominalism.
25. The calculation results show that the aromatic delocalizing electronic structure including in TATB brings a systematical serious error to the calculation of heat of formation.
26. Combining with theory and practice, the article makes a systematical expatiation on the commercial innovation.
27. Chapter four, Elaborating the designing program of our new and high-tech enterprises and produce the systematical wage structure according to our national background.
28. And we find that the international cooperation could effectively reduce the individual and systematical expected loss in some situations.
29. On the basis of this theory, we will explore the intrinsic principle and micro mechanism of NIS construction, and establish a systematical consulting framework for NIS evaluation.
30. Utilize ANSYS to compute deflection of the each of moldboard stroke in infinite elements' method and then solve the systematical stiffness and the critical angle of clamping unit.
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