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Solanum in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2021-03-27Updated:2021-03-27
Similar words: solanum nigrumkola nutlanthanumsolansolaninesolanaceaearcanumhanumanMeaning: [səʊ'leɪnəm]  n. type genus of the Solanaceae: nightshade; potato; eggplant; bittersweet. 
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1. The obvious heterosis was shown in eggplant(Solanum melongena L. ). Production of hybrid seeds using male-sterility as female parent was a very important way in application of eggplant heterosis.
2. Effects of low temperature stress on chlorophyll fluorescence of eggplant(Solanum melongena L. ) seedlings were investigated in this experiment.
3. Objective To study the effects of alkaloid of Solanum nigrum on membrane fluidity and membrane protein level of tumor cells in H22 tumor-bearing mice (H22 mice).
4. Methods: The gel was prepared with Solanum lyratum Thunb Extract as main component and carbopol 940 as base material,(sentence dictionary) and Solasodine was determined by TLCS.
5. Soladulcidine is a steroidal alkaloid abundant in Solanum dulcamara L. with antitumor and other biological activities.
6. This article introduces the general conditions of solanum nigrum in China.
7. Potato (Solanum tuberosum. L) is one of the most important crops in the world ranking fourth after rice, wheat and maize, and plays a significant role in economy.
8. Conclusion Low energy laser irradiation unite Solanum nigrum polysaccharide may obviously enhance immune function of the body and inhibit the growth of the liver cancer in mouse.
9. Result Low energy laser radiation united Solanum nigtLIlll Polysaccharide could inhibit tumor growth and angiogene.
10. In order to elucidate the physiology mechanism of pinching in bud stage to accelerate tuberization, the changes of endogenous hormones in the process of tuber formation in potato(Solanum tuberosum L.
11. Just as a virus Brooks calls "Solanum" turns people into zombies, the four contagions we describe below can create a zombie workplace — where creative people and good ideas disturbingly molder.
12. Conclusion: The pigment of solanum nigrum has a good stability to the influence of chemical factors.
13. Objective To study the effect of Solanum nigrum total alkaloid (SNTA) on sialic acid (SA) and blocking degree of erythrocyte membrane in S180 tumor-bearing mice.
14. In this study, we studied mycorrhizal effects on the development of early blight in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) caused by the necrotrophic fungus Alternaria solani.
15. Nutrition ingredient was analysised in Solanum nigrum fruit. Basic on the analyse of miner and Vitamin, other ingredient was studied. A comparing study was carried out with normal fruit and vegetable.
16. The result suggested that Solanum nigrum fruit was rich in nutrition.
17. A juice beverage was made from Solanum nigrum by optimizing the technology, determining the single-factor conditions and designing the orthogonal tests.
18. Objective To observe the effects of solanum nigrum clearing liver decoction combined with interferon and lamivudine on chronic hepatitis b.
19. The effect of calonyctin was examined with respect to soluble proteins and selected enzymes involved in starch metabolism in developing potato ( Solanum tuberosum L.
20. In the present paper, the results on induction of monohaploid plants from a pollen derived typical male sterile dihaploid strain of Solanum tuberosum L. were reported for the first time.
21. This paper reports the application of organic fungi-manure, which contains useful microorganism Trichoderma harziarum to Solanum tuberosum.
22. Objective To investigate the chemical constituents of the root of Solanum torvum Swartz.
23. Objective:To study the influence of such chemical agents as acid, CO2 food sweetening agent and carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) on the stability of the pigment of Solanum Nigrum.
24. It can be used to control the quality of Solanum nigrum L.
25. Results showed that the contents of these minerals and vitamins in solanum nigrum were high, therefore, Solanum nigrum is a wild fruit which has a great value in exploitation.
26. After optimizing the separation and purification methods, 54 different endophytes isolated from Solanum nigrum L.
27. The maximum values of searching rate of Pediobius foveolatus to H. vigintioctopunctata in Solanum melongena groups and Solanum nigrum groups were 1.85 and 1.94, respectively.
28. The experiment with the material of test-tube seedling of Solanum tuberosum and by the way of Trissue culture, studied the function of Pix in the preserving of test-tube plants of solarium tuberosum.
29. But the more important was there were high quantity of ABA and low ingredient of ZT, GA and IAA in Solanum Torvum seed.
30. The result showed that the cause of death and cytotoxicity of SC-M1 cells were induced by Solanum nigrum was underwent cell necrosis not by cell apoptosis.
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