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Sectional in a sentence

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Sentence count:128Posted:2017-05-15Updated:2017-05-15
Synonym: sectionedSimilar words: sectionalismaffectionalsectionfictionalvivisectionfunctionalcross-sectionintersectionMeaning: ['sekʃnəl]  n. a piece of furniture made up of sections that can be arranged individually or together. adj. 1. relating to or based upon a section (i.e. as if cut through by an intersecting plane) 2. consisting of or divided into sections 3. related or limited to a distinct region or subdivision of of a territory or community or group of people. 
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1) He criticized the selfish attitude of certain sectional interests.
2) The national interest is more important than any sectional or personal interests.
3) Perhaps the opposed parties will lay aside their sectional interests and rise to this challenge.
4) It was, indeed, antithetical to sectional interests.
5) This led to a further erosion of sectional loyalties.
6) Each one recognises sectional interests within the profession but has little or no regard to the public at large or the potential client.
7) Instead, the parties are more regional and the sectional bitterness worse than ever.
8) Sectional sills, made from more than one piece of timber, used in quint or round bays, are particularly vulnerable.
9) However, a weekly meeting of the Sectional Heads was held when our planning was thought out.
10) Excessive demands are placed on governments by sectional interest groups beyond their capacity to meet them.
11) Both Democrats and Whigs wanted to gloss over sectional differences and cement party loyalties,( not divide the country.
12) Members of the church's administration were divided among sectional lines.
13) The speaker's sectional interests, as a businessman, are seen to coincide with the wider interests of everybody else.
14) This gave them potential political leverage were their sectional interests to be threatened.
15) They can not simply allow one sectional interest in the community to override others.
16) Design - Cross sectional population based survey of familial occurrence of chronic inflammatory bowel disease.
17) The sectional shape is a quarter of an octagon.
18) DESIGN: Clustering stratified random sampling, cross- sectional survey.
19) A public corporation managing a monopoly might do so in a sectional interest.
20) Perfect copies must have the competition form and the fold-out sectional view of 44 Downing Street.
21) In 1845 the congregational Baptist church also divided on sectional lines[], never to reunite.
22) It does not require it to take care of particular individual or sectional interests, since these will often conflict.
23) The Tigers are once again favored to win the sectional, but expect Warsaw to receive a huge challenge from Plymouth.
24) The Commission is pledged to act independently of national or sectional interests.
25) These authors are right to point out that in cross sectional analyses it is difficult to make assumptions of causality.
26) A lossless transmission line can be regarded as a multiple-section low-pass filter with sectional inductance and capacitance and respectively.
27) All this to modern eyes looks like, and indeed very often was, mere selfish defence of local and sectional interests.
28) The Vikings' season-best score is 90.6, which is the fourth-best score in the sectional field.
29) The massive mobilization attendant upon the regime was accompanied by a decline in sectional and local attitudes and loyalties.
30) Power requires a wider appeal than that to mere sectional interest.
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