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Relatedness in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
Similar words: interrelatednessspiritednessindebtednessfarsightednessconnectednessrelatedunexpectednesswarmheartednessMeaning: [rɪ'leɪtɪdnɪs] n. a particular manner of connectedness. 
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1. In nature, the obvious way is through genetic relatedness - kinship.
2. The virus has a structure of relatedness that traces its roots further and further into the past.
3. Such strange patterns of relatedness may alter the economic balance, but do not themselves cause sterility.
4. It will diminish rapidly with the distance in relatedness between individuals.
5. But his relatedness was only partial.
6. "The magic of stories lies in the relatedness they foster," Dr. Houston said. "Marketers have known this for a long time, which is why you see so many stories in advertisements.
7. Both of us, since the relatedness was slight, felt sad and turned away from each other.
8. Degree of relatedness - The probability of two individuals sharing identical genes by descent.
9. There was high degree of individual spatial relatedness, sharp intraspecific competition and powerfully occupy space.
10. Objective To assess the epidemiological relatedness on an outbreak of Enterococcus facium sepsis between humans and pigs based on genomic analysis.
11. "Social skills can be taught, but social-emotion relatedness may remain absent or weak, " she said.
12. We see no case for using industry classifications as a test of relatedness.
13. Yet that tiny elegy speaks forward, too, perhaps, to another vanished relatedness, between Martin and his first wife.
14. In reciprocal altruism individuals are not required to have any particular genetic relatedness with one another.
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15. Secondly, however, these clusters also show a certain degree of relatedness or overlap.
16. Clayton Paul Alderfer is an psychologist who further expanded Maslow's hierarchy of needs by categorizing the hierarchy into his ERG theory (Existence, Relatedness and Growth).
17. Instead, he said, "it is a pattern, like a bar code with thousands of lines on it, " that allows researchers to tease apart the fine points of relatedness among populations.
18. The theory holds that well-being depends in large part on meeting one's basic psychological needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness.
19. Formulate the business-level strategy: differentiation strategy, the corporate-level strategy: forward integration and relatedness diversification strategy.
20. Indirect fitness - The number of relatives produced multiplied by the degree of relatedness to those individuals.
21. And in fact,( you get his calculations by looking at genetic relatedness.
22. So this thesis attempts to reveal the semantic relations between the overall meaning of a phrasal verb and its components as well as the relatedness between the polysemy of a phrasal verb.
23. Mediated by language, subjects form communicative community among themselves, and realize the communicative relatedness in speech acts.
24. After lining up the results, researchers can make strong statements about the genetic relatedness of the people whose DNA samples are being profiled.
25. When I ask if she regrets never finding love or indulging in any of that "emotional relatedness", she says yes, but stresses she has "an exciting life".
26. Adopting the Fuzzy induce basing on bayes flow and relatedness flow and improving the reliability of diagnosis.
27. This process helps create a DNA fingerprint that can be compared to other samples to measure relatedness.
28. We found technological complexity is the most important factor to gain profit. When selecting product items, product relatedness is also a very important concern.
29. Heritability of kinship pheromone in the beaver: how is information about relatedness coded?
30. They have vanished suddenly, all experiment sites, tested several dozens years to vanish, perhaps they had certain relatedness , should produce and encourages relate.
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