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Push out in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2017-02-27
Similar words: rush outpushrush hourshoutshoulddish outflesh outshoulderMeaning: v. push to thrust outward. 
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1. Spring is coming; all the trees are pushing out new shoots.
2. He pushed out his lower lip.
3. One of our best workers was pushed out to make way for the director's son.
4. The cape pushes out into sea.
5. When he gives the order,everyone in a small boat pushes out together.
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6. I felt I was being pushed out of the job.
7. Jack was pushed out of the room by his companions.
8. The schoolmaster pushed out the teacher.
9. When the city business was established the firm pushed out into the suburbs and opened branch shops.
10. The plant pushes out new roots in April.
11. Donlan suffered a cracked skull and his nasal septum was pushed out of place.
12. Attempts were made to push out the burning fuel with scaffolding poles.
13. The food is then pushed out of its protective package and left in its serving dish to be cooked in a hot-air oven.
14. Equally, the skin is pushed out in the direction that the molecule was first moving.
15. Primo notices his dark swollen belly, pushing out between the flaps of a green flak jacket.
16. We would push out the boat, hoist the sail and visit the lobster pots and conger lines.
17. The bottom lip fattens and pushes out beyond the lower lip.
18. Almost every work that is premiered seems to push out the boundaries of the form a little farther.
19. Others just plunged, simply ducked down and pushed out, fighting up, reaching for air.
20. Are the walls at eaves level all sound, or are they pushing out, or damp?
21. Others pushed out of their specialities into broader areas of business.
22. The doors open with a push out.
23. Push out the portable ball pen tail turn over it and insert to the original place.
24. Through this hole, the patient's intestines push out, producing a lump underneath the skin.
25. The little boy used to push out his lower lip.
26. To push out or protrude ( the lips ).
27. For some reason, the studios like to push out some major summers this time of year.
28. They took advantage of the situation to push out in other parts of the world.
29. Instead, the motor rotate reversely , push rod ( rod ) push out, the valve plate closes, stops discharging.
30. I later learned that it's an old obstetric trick to threaten the mother oftwins with a C-section in order to get her to push out the second baby, but Dr.
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