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Pudendal in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2022-01-03Updated:2022-01-03
Similar words: pudendapudendumbe all and end allbe-all and end-allimpudentimpudenceimpudentlyend-allMeaning: [pjuː'dendl]  adj. of or relating to or near the pudendum. 
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1. The internal pudendal artery gives off the vaginal, middle rectal, ventral perineal arteries and the clitoral artery.
2. Objective: To provide anatomical details of pudendal nerve for pudendal block anesthesia.
3. Pudendal neuralgia syndrome, also called testicular or reproductive neuralgia syndrome, has a high incidence and an unclear pathogenetic mechanism.
4. Conclusion Analgesic effect of pudendal nerve anesthesia, and can shorten the second stage of labor reduce maternal pain.
5. The clitoris relies on the pudendal nerve, the vagina uses the pelvic nerve and the hypogastric nerve connects with the cervix and uterus.
6. Methods The origin and course of the external pudendal artery in penis were observed on 30 adu1t specimen by red latex infusion technique.
7. Conclusion Skin flap is suitable for repairing children pudendal scar, if it is chosen with the proper case and operating method.
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8. ObjectiveTo study the applied anatomy of the pudendal nerve and provide theoretical basis for clinical work.
9. Objective To establish the normal values of pudendal somatosensory evoked potential (PSSEP) and sacral reflex latency (SRL) in children.
10. Objective To evaluate the analgesic effect of bilateral pudendal nerve block anesthesia in the second stage of vaginal delivery.
11. Inferior epigastric artery, superficial epigastric artery, lateral pudendal artery and obturator artery could form epigastric and pudendal skin flap.
12. The pudendal nerve has different abut in different anatomical position.
13. The middle rectal artery commonlysprang from the internal pudendal artery.
14. The pudendal nerve provides the major nerve supply to the striated sphincter and levator ani.
15. It's easy for the pudendal nerve (genitalia's uplink to the brain) to be overwhelmed by constant vibration in such a small area and shut down.
16. Methods Skin microdissection of pudendal regions was performed on 11 cadavers(22 sides).
17. The major arterial supply to the corpora cavernosa is derived from the internal pudendal artery.
18. For data analysis, we utilized the time-frequency analysis in Matlab to verify the components of pelvic-to- pudendal nerve reflex.
19. With the use of traction on any fracture table, pudendal nerve palsy is a potential complication.
20. It is also shown that 77.81% at least can be decreased in blood supply of the prostate gland as the prostatic arterial trunk and the accessory pudendal artery are ligated.
21. Objective To provide the anatomic basis for design a flap of penis with external pudendal artery pedicle and transposed for urethroplasty.
22. The ischiocavernosus and ischiourethralis muscles are transected close to their insertion on the ischium to avoid damaging branches of the pudendal nerve and minimise haemorrhage.
23. Nearly all of FOS expression was blocked by bilateral transection of the pudendal nerve, whereas bilateral transection of the pelvic nerve seemed to have no obvious effect on FOS expression.
24. Results The prostatic blood supply originated mainly from inferior vesical artery or internal pudendal artery or prostatic artery (80%).
25. Objective To compare analgesia effect of during childbirth compared with and without analgesic effect of pudendal nerve anesthesia.
26. Objective To observed the analgesic effect of the bilateral blocking of pudendal nerves in vaginal delivery.
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