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Protectionism in a sentence

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Sentence count:91Posted:2017-03-26Updated:2017-03-26
Similar words: protectionenvironmental protectionprotectiveoverprotectiveprotective tariffprotectperfectionistprotectorMeaning: [prə'tekʃənɪzm] n. the policy of imposing duties or quotas on imports in order to protect home industries from overseas competition. 
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1, The party wavered between free trade and protectionism.
2, Still, these averages mask a lot of protectionism for individual sectors.
3, The idealistic arm of animal protectionism also includes its fair share of extremists, such as the now infamous Animal Liberation Front.
4, Our party can never follow the path of protectionism.
5, The first, rich country protectionism, comes from within global capitalism, but in the form of national as opposed to systemic interests.
6, As it was Britain's shift to protectionism and Imperial Preference provoked much criticism from Washington.
7, In general terms, the report argues that protectionism has a negative effect on the environment.
8, Protectionism is also rife in such areas as the electronics and semi-conductor industries.
9, Racial quotas and protectionism are scaring away some foreign investors.
10, One more argument downplay protectionism can be discounted.
11, In the foreign economic policy, protectionism of the high tariff policy and the free trade policy became the two kinds of feasible choices.
12, Fears of rising protectionism in the West are a newfound Asian enthusiasm to promote intraregional trade.
13, The other aspect is the revival of trade protectionism.
14, So, we should firmly resist calls for protectionism,[] isolation and economic nationalism.
15, Shrill voices on both sides of the Atlantic are advocating protectionism.
16, This evening we have seen the old familiar Labour party of intervention, protectionism and high prices.
17, North-South models; international migration of labour; trade and industrial structure in the 1930s; the political economy of protectionism.
18, But the relative strength of scale economies and political protectionism varies greatly between different communications fields.
19, Dole, Alexander and Forbes responded by accusing Buchanan of advocating a dangerous form of protectionism.
20, In two fields - telecommunications and media - self-sufficiency and protectionism predominate.
21, Bismarck used two issues to divide the liberals and unite his new majority: protectionism and the suppression of the Social Democrats.
22, But those of us who understand history must shudder at his adulation of the false gods of isolationism and protectionism.
23, But with the presidential election looming, the cries for protectionism from the ultra-conservative Buchanan are angering many business people.
24, Employers' organizations generally welcomed the package, whereas farmers were among the fiercest supporters of protectionism.
25, In public life his guiding principles were Protestantism and protectionism.
26, Given China's undervalued currency of recent years, it is hardly innocent in the protectionism debate.
27, Sadly, these were often abused by Latin American governments (and some economists at ECLA itself) to justify exaggerated protectionism and inflationary financing of government.
28, In this paper, the methods of direct trade flow analysis and indirect industry structure convergence analysis are used to measure the degree of the local protectionism.
29, We need to take a firm position against all forms of protectionism and strongly advocate and support free trade.
30, Second, we should open markets further and oppose all forms of protectionism.
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