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Present times in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2019-07-08Updated:2019-07-08
Similar words: presentimentpresent topresent tensecurrent timedevelopment timepresent oneselfpresentpresentmentMeaning: n. the circumstances and ideas of the present age. 
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1. We do not have any more information at the present time.
2. All commercial nuclear power is provided by fission at the present time.
3. At the present time we have no explanation for this.
4. No statement can be made at the present time.
5. Filtration At the present time there is considerable concern about concentrations of nitrogen compounds in water containing goldfish.
6. But at the present time the pressures seem to be particularly intense.
7. Indeed there seems to have been little diminution in this publishing bonanza up to the present time.
8. There is little disagreement with the view that the principal public interest issue at the present time is the quality of audit-ing.
9. It is as comprehensive as is possible at the present time.
10. This species is relatively little known at the present time.
11. One of the chief causes at the present time was the increase in interest rates, especially for the self-employed.
12. Most of the large programs in existence at the present time tend to favor institutional settings.
13. At the present time the strength of the Catholic and nationalist forces in the North lies in their political discipline and restraint.
14. Firstly, when we were first discussing the sale, the market was somewhat more buoyant than at the present time.
15. Those not teaching at the present time are welcome to attend on a daily basis at £2 per session.
16. At the present time, with the considerable experience gained and with additional personnel available, this initial effort should be axiomatic.
17. That is a hope that goes well beyond the findings of the sciences at the present time.
18. At the present time most public library stock is chosen without any clear idea of the underlying stock needs of the user.
19. Sitting on a limb in a slight drizzle, I felt detached from the present time.
20. This was on entirely modern lines and has continued to expand right up to the present time.
21. In present times, the globalization of technology and that of economy almost go hand in hand. The technological resources are flowing and allocating in the globe.
22. In the present times, Western art and even the entire art of humanity are basically characterized by commercialism while the artistic criteria are the popular tastes.
23. Present times of knowledge economy has a great effect on the formation, management and demand of archives resources.
24. In the present times you need your faith more than ever to carry you through them.
25. But in the present times, through the greater part of Europe, a creditable day-labourer would be ashamed to appear in public without a linen shirt.
25. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
26. In the present times, appeared pluralization and imagery embodied in the difference between two cities.
27. Present times are "barbarous, " she said.
28. CONCLUSION: The dosage of Herba Asari in ancient, modern and present times prescriptions is far away from the regulation dosage of pharmacopoeia.
29. She had adopted the choreographic skills and other requirements of the successful actresses of the present times to sustain in bollywood.
30. Emotional intelligence is the requisite quality that high school teachers should possess in the present times.
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