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Oilseed in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2019-10-08Updated:2019-10-08
Similar words: pilsenoilscoilsoil sandmail serviceoilstoneoilskincivil servantMeaning: n. any of several seeds that yield oil. 
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1. Oilseed production is likely to be about 12.8m tonnes, compared with 12.4m tonnes last year.
2. The sites for planting genetically modified maize and oilseed rape have to be announced in advance.
3. Oilseed rape is likely to be engineered to produce more than one type of oil: for margarine, cooking oil or lubrication.
4. Twelve spring-sown oilseed rape crops, 12 forage maize crops and 24 beet crops have been harvested.
5. Since last April the price of oilseed rape has dropped from $ 6 to $ 3 a bushel.
6. Oilseed rape establishment-the critical factor for a good crop.
7. Take our oilseed rape, for instance.
8. Arable farmers who applied last year for oilseed rape subsidy will already be familiar with the way the map should be completed.
9. Efficacies of 8 herbicides in winter oilseed rape field were compared.
10. Farmers in Heilongjiang were holding back selling oilseed from the 2007 crop.
11. As a low or medium oil content oilseed, rice bran is adapted to direct extraction.
12. Oilseed rape is an important oleaginous crop. Kinds of diseases during its growth period are responsible for dramatic yield losses.
13. Look from edible character, oil is inferior oilseed of sesame seed oil, sunflower, oil.
14. Also, China's poor rapeseed crop has made the oilseed market that much tighter.
15. They often graze the wheat, beans and oilseed rape.
16. Three predominant forms of Cdin Cd accumulator oilseed rapes, non-tolerant oilseed rape and Indian mustard were NaCl-extractable, acetic acid-extractable and water-extractable Cd.
17. Grain and oilseed crops are likely to develop faster with increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
18. As a new oilseed resource, the double - low rapeseed has an extensive prospect in the application.
19. This would be valuable for those crops processed before use, eg, oilseed rape, sugar beet or soya beans.
20. Despite saturating the area with herbicide, he found rogue oilseed rape plants thriving in ditches and around telephone poles.
21. Crawley will compare the ecology of engineered and conventional varieties of three crops: potatoes, oilseed rape and sugar beet.
22. This year it hopes for 25 fields for maize and oilseed rape and 30 for either sugar or fodder beet.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. Those include a 27 % N, 12 % S spring blend for supplying sulphur to oilseed rape and cereals.
24. We have found no greater frequency of complaints of seasonal allergic-type symptoms in oilseed rape than in non-oilseed rape rural areas.
25. The developed expeller could profitably be used for small-scale processing of rapeseed and other special oilseed in rural areas of China.
26. Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, a significant plant pathogenic fungus leads to sclerotium disease on oilseed rape, sunflower and many other important crops around the world.
27. While there is expected to be an increased demand for oilseed production, Caspari said the EU biodiesel industry is unsure if it should expand oilseed- crushing capacity .
28. The feeding zone with a grooved bushing can work successfully out transport of the special soft oilseed with high oil content and low crude fiber content without other forced feeding sets.
29. Objective : To approve there are common antigen epitopes and cross - reaction lying between oilseed rape L.
30. Furthermore, low or zero trans fatty acid fat can be obtained by interesterfication reaction or with the raw material of low polyunsaturated acid oilseed by genetically modified technology.
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