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Rough in a sentence

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Synonym: bluntbrokenbrusquebumpychoppycoarsecrudecurtdifficultfiercegruffharshirregularrowdyrudesevereshaggysnippysurlytoughunevenAntonym: mildsmoothSimilar words: throughroughlydroughtgo throughthoroughget throughall throughthroughoutMeaning: [rʌf]  n. the part of a golf course bordering the fairway where the grass is not cut short. v. prepare in preliminary or sketchy form. adj. 1. having or caused by an irregular surface 2. (of persons or behavior) lacking refinement or finesse 3. not quite exact or correct 4. full of hardship or trials 5. violently agitated and turbulent 6. unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound 7. ready and able to resort to force or violence 8. of the margin of a leaf shape; having the edge cut or fringed or scalloped 9. causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements 10. not shaped by cutting or trimming 11. not carefully or expertly made 12. not perfected 13. unpleasantly stern 14. unkind or cruel or uncivil. adv. 1. with roughness or violence (`rough' is an informal variant for `roughly') 2. with rough motion as over a rough surface. 
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1 Take the rough with the smooth. 
2 A boisterous horse must have a rough bridle. 
3 Their car bumped along the rough mountain road.
4 The rough cloth prickled my skin.
5 Jeeps are rugged vehicles, designed for rough conditions.
6 His behaviour is sometimes rather rough.
7 Trim rough edges with a sharp knife.
8 The car jolted us badly over the rough road.
9 The rough road made the car vibrate.
10 Many a rough man has been civilized.
11 The tractor had been damaged by rough usage.
12 The wanderer has to sleep rough.
13 This instrument will not stand rough usage.
14 They live in a rough part of town.
15 Her hands were rough with hard work.
16 A jeep is ideal for driving over rough terrain.
17 Here is a rough and ready measure-ment.
18 The rough road often leads to the top.
19 They hurried over the rough rocky ground .
20 The skin on her hands was hard and rough.
21 The house was built solidly of rough wooden planks.
22 He enjoys rough and tumble play.
23 The monkey's skin has a rough feel.
24 The vehicle is sturdy enough to withstand rough terrain.
25 Today was a rough day at work.
26 Are the walls rough or smooth?
27 It was just a bit of rough and tumble.
28 It's hard to pilot a boat in rough waters.
29 We are going to rasp off the rough edges.
30 The truck jolted and rattled over the rough ground.
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