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Nautical mile in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2018-02-23Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: nauticalaeronauticalastronauticalvertical migrationaeronauticastronauticaeronauticsastronauticsMeaning: n. 1. a British unit of length equivalent to 1,853.18 meters (6,082 feet) 2. a unit of length used in navigation; equivalent to the distance spanned by one minute of arc in latitude; 1,852 meters. 
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1. The Tomahawk had a range of 500 nautical miles.
2. Several hours ago, Team Finland was only a nautical mile ahead of us.
3. A unit of speed, one nautical mile per hour , approximately 1.85 kilometers ( 1.15 statute miles ) per hour.
4. Usually everybody tours in the man - nautical mile, today shakes hand one by one well.
5. A nautical mile is 1,852 meters.
6. This marks the site of one of the Admiralty's measured nautical miles.
7. Under the terms of the agreement Trinidad and Tobago's maritime boundary was to be increased to 350 nautical miles.
8. Each tube can hold a Trident missile with up to eight nuclear warheads that can be flung 4, 000 nautical miles.
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9. One minute of latitude at the Equator was defined as a nautical mile.
10. The ship, 260m long and 60m wide, has a displacement tonnage of 40000 and a maximum speed of 28 knots (1 knot equals to 1 nautical mile/hr).
11. The knot is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour.
12. I am a non-toxic trimeresurus jerdonii, is transforming the beautiful elegant demeanor frequently in the boundless net nautical mile.
13. "Little mother" who wants to work per day, remember to put Lemon to protect a fresh carton in a sterigma petit a nautical mile, along with take.
14. Thebault and his team rebuilt "Hydroptere" and in late 2009 it became the fastest boat on the planet, traveling at over 50 knots (over 100 km/h) over 500 meters and one nautical mile.
15. Include guarding Zhou go up to explore , go to nautical mile to invite swim.
16. This measures how much it costs to move a ton - one nautical mile.
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