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Antagonistic in a sentence

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Sentence count:87Posted:2017-03-28Updated:2017-03-28
Synonym: antipatheticantipatheticalcounterincompatibleSimilar words: antagonistantagonismantagonizeprotagonistpentagonanachronisticagoniseimpressionisticMeaning: [æn‚tægə'nɪstɪk]  adj. 1. indicating opposition or resistance 2. characterized by antagonism or antipathy 3. arousing animosity or hostility 4. used especially of drugs or muscles that counteract or neutralize each other's effect 5. incapable of harmonious association. 
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1. He's extremely antagonistic towards all critics.
2. He's always antagonistic towards new ideas.
3. He is always antagonistic towards new ideas.
4. Nearly all the women I interviewed were aggressively antagonistic to the idea.
5. Deeply antagonistic towards the Left, she opposed Bevanism.
6. I can't understand why he's being so antagonistic.
7. Why are Kate and John so antagonistic towards each other?
8. Sheila had been enthusiastic, Annie icy and antagonistic to the idea of wages for housework.
9. So essentially antagonistic class interests sharing the same region find themselves allying with each other in their mutual self-interests.
10. The antagonistic interactions tend to sharpen up some otherwise fuzzy boundaries, since they serve to exaggerate the differences.
11. New ways, he believed, must perforce be antagonistic to the photographic image.
12. The children can also become antagonistic towards the parents and refuse to get out of bed or to go to the lavatory.
13. The net result of these antagonistic effects was that no significant change in soluble calcium was observed.
14. One tradition is the covenant one and is antagonistic to a straight forward nationalist sentiment.
15. The extremism of the antagonistic, Western, post-Stalinist critic is mirrored in the extremism of the sycophantic Stalinist party apparatchik.
16. The right wing press has always been deeply antagonistic towards the Labour party.
17. Any long-term antagonistic relationship seemed to harbor this kind of codependency.
18. Both hormones are antagonistic to insulin and hence increase blood glucose.
19. The Beida students were receptive to his ideas, but the leadership were more antagonistic.
20. How can we reconcile the low frequency of expressions of emotional involvement in election campaigns with the high frequency of antagonistic partisanship?
21. It successfully produces delinquents, creating a criminal section of the population and thereby dividing the subordinate classes into mutually antagonistic fractions.
22. To a large extent these two approaches have been mutually exclusive, not to say antagonistic.
23. In partisan terms, people reacted against television news, alleging antagonistic bias; but they reacted Very differently towards the press.
24. Already, the incident has prompted a retrenchment of a hard-line antagonistic policy in the form of new legislation sponsored by Sen.
25. There is concern among Republicans that the groups being funded by the grants will be antagonistic to the new administration.
26. A lot of people refuse to work with Paula. Her manner is just too antagonistic.
27. It is not to be inferred that all scientists are antagonistic to religion.
28. The gospel brings about a reconciliation between groups which were formerly antagonistic to one another.
29. The chief virtue of a private property system is that it achieves this dispersal and is therefore structurally antagonistic to coercion.
30. A border is a dividing line marking an abrupt shift between two separate, sometimes antagonistic(, entities.
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