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Mods in a sentence

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Similar words: goodswoodsperiodsgodsonwoodsygodsendwoodshedgodshipMeaning: [mɑdz /mɒdz] n. a youth subculture that began in London in the early 1960s; a working-class movement with highly stylized dress and short hair; listened to rhythm and blues music and travelled on motor scooters. 
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1. Mods include sportier camshafts and bigger valves.
2. The general effect resembled the mods of 1964/65 with their preppy look.
3. The wartime spivs, the teddy boys and the mods each had their own distinctive hair style.
4. The mods eventually split into two distinct groups.
5. Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome ( MODS ) is one of the major causes of death in shock patients.
6. Objective To evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of intravenous itraconazole(Sporanox) in treatment of invasive fungal infected patients with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome(MODS).
7. This is the way all mods were done originally.
8. Glycometabolism disorder is a risk factor of MODS. Early treatment with GIK is safe and effective on the preventation and treatment of MODS in trauma patients.
9. MODS changed. Conforming to these change, the range of cataloging object and cataloging methods change also.
10. All death patients complicated with MODS and infection,[] Injury severity scaling ( ISS ) of all were ≥25.
11. I have no responsibility if you use other mods with my mod.
12. Objective:To research the significance of serum acetonic ketone body ratio(AKBR) for judging the severity and prognosis of infectious multiple organ dysfunction syndrome(MODS).
13. Some players frown on speed mods just as some players frown on using the bar support.
14. Objective To investigate the effect of early goal-directed therapy (EGDT) on the incidence, severity and mortality of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS).
15. Methods and between with severe sepsis and MODS and non - severe sepsis with MODS.
16. Methods: Sixty patients with MODS were treated with CRRT in anterior and posterior displacement modes.
17. Objective To investigate the relationship between endothelin (ET) and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) caused by acute paraquat poisoning (APP).
18. Money saved by not fitting the parts road bikes require has been spent on the race mods.
19. Establishment of a model on acute forebrain ischemia complicated by multiple organ dysfunction syndrome ( MODS ).
20. Methods 46 patients with sepsis and 18 patients with MODS were randomly divided into two groups.
21. Objective To study the clinical significance of platelet membrane glycoproteins in patients with SIRS and MODS.
22. Objective : To investigate the effects of continuous high volume hemofiltration ( CHVHF ) on the immune function of MODS patients.
23. Objective : To study the therapeutic effects of rhubarbon multiple organ dysfunction syndrome ( MODS ).
24. Conclusions: APACHE and MPM were good for understanding the severity and prognosis of MODS.
25. Objective To observe the changes of intestinal microflora, proliferation of GNB, intestinal free endotoxin, bacterial translocation to the MLN and their relationships in the MODS rats.
26. Conclusion The level of serum myocardial enzymes in patients with MODS provides a reference mark for reflecting state of illness and evaluating prognosis.
27. Once a lot of the guess work is removed with mods we have to raise the complexity beyond what a mod can purely assist with.
28. Conclusion Burn shock delayed resuscitation is an important factor of infection and MODS.
29. Objective : To study Collapse Syndrome and the diagnosis of MODS.
30. Dysfunction of glycometabolism caused by trauma is related to infection and MODS .
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