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Metabolic in a sentence

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Similar words: metabolismdiabolicparabolicdiabolicalabolishabolitionget aboutsymbolicMeaning: [‚metə'bɑlɪk /‚metə'bɒlɪk]  adj. 1. of or relating to metabolism 2. undergoing metamorphosis. 
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1, Fish normally have a high metabolic rate.
2, Your metabolic rate is the speed at which your body transforms food into energy.
3, Exercise can increase your metabolic rate.
4, Radioactive tracers have been used to map the metabolic activity of the brain.
5, This indicates the presence of a metabolic alkalosis.
6, Buffer base reflects metabolic processes which influence acid-base balance.
7, Bradymetabolism A low metabolic rate of heat production.
8, Metabolic acidosis can also occur with respiratory acidosis.
9, Prostacyclin has powerful metabolic effects on blood platelets.
10, Your metabolic rate will fall; eating just average amounts of food will tend to make you fat.
11, Dieting may also depress the metabolic rate, he says,[] making it easier to gain weight the next time around.
12, Many basic metabolic pathways show striking similarities throughout the bacterial, plant and animal kingdoms.
13, A positive base excess is associated with metabolic alkalosis, and a negative base excess is associated with metabolic acidosis. 301-304.
14, Neuroendocrine and metabolic abnormalities Disturbances in the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis are the most consistent of the various endocrine abnormalities associated with anorexia nervosa.
15, Breath methane was measured and viable counts and metabolic activities of methanogenic bacteria and sulphate reducing bacteria determined in faeces.
16, The history, examination, and electrolyte levels suggest mild metabolic alkalosis.
17, So to maximise the benefits to your metabolic rate,( resolve never to crash diet again.
18, This equation is applicable to patients with simple metabolic acidosis, and can not be extended to include those with metabolic alkalosis.
19, And you can not safely ginger up your metabolic rate with drugs because of the risk from side-effects.
20, We need to eat less as we get older and our metabolic rate slows down.
21, A feature that characterizes all anteaters is an extremely slow metabolic rate.
22, The most predictable compensation is the hyperventilation that occurs in simple metabolic acidosis.
23, In addition, the aerobic activity helped them to increase their metabolic rate which is, after all, what every slimmer needs.
24, Aerobic exercise and reduced-calorie diets produce weight loss, but reduce the resting metabolic rate because they do not maintain muscle mass.
25, He points out that an animal's life span is linked to its metabolic rate.
26, However, it is possible to lose weight and not suffer a large drop in metabolic rate.
27, It is absorbed by our bodies and used in a wide range of metabolic processes.
28, Overzealous administration of hypertonic sodium bicarbonate solutions as treatment for severe metabolic acidosis of during cardiopulmonary resuscitation can have the same effect.
29, On day 10, 20, and 34 a faecal sample was collected for measurement of bacterial counts and metabolic activity.
30, During pregnancy her unborn child strips her of nourishment for its own metabolic needs, so she becomes still weaker.
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