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Parabolic in a sentence

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Sentence count:150Posted:2017-06-11Updated:2017-06-11
Similar words: paraboladiabolicdiabolicalabolishabolitionmetabolismsymbolicabolitionistMeaning: [‚pærə'bɑlɪk /-'bɒ-]  adj. 1. resembling or expressed by parables 2. having the form of a parabola. 
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1. At once there is a parabolic storm of snowballs.
2. His drawings ran the gamut from the parabolic suspension bridge to the forms and color of various trees and individual flowers.
3. With a hardened aluminium cantilever and parabolic diamond stylus profile it retails for £1,350.
4. This is a coupled non parabolic dissipative dynamic system.
5. Reaction rates o - bey a parabolic line law.
6. The third kind of solar oven is parabolic cooker.
7. Elliptical, hyperbolic and parabolic interpolation algorithms are introduced in this dissertation, which are based on central angle division.
8. Possibly the whole of this is only a parabolic form for the story of Solomon's spiritual declension , and final repentance.
9. Array-fed parabolic reflector and shaped reflector with a single feed are usually used to be contoured beam satellite antenna.
10. This paper provides the analog simulation of parabolic movement with digital model and Calculating method, demonstrating the process of movement with dynamic images.
11. Compared with the parabolic reflector(, a phase factor is of most importance in the efficiency evaluation of Fresnel zone phase-corrected plate(FZP) ones.
12. The third kind of solar oven is a parabolic parabolic cooker, it.
13. The transfer matrix and transmission coefficient through a parabolic quantum well are obtained by solving schrodinger equation .
14. Earth station: A parabolic antenna and associated electronics for receiving and transmitting satellite signals.
15. Have the cleaning function of parabolic move, to ensure it cleans uniform.
16. Firstly, it is reflected and given direction by the cut-away skull bone, acting as a parabolic reflector.
17. Or else fed through huge pipes to other pumps that spewed it back in lazy streams and jetting parabolic arcs.
18. Firstly, the important relation formula for the points of parabolic torus reflector and subreflector is obtained by using the equivalent ray path condition.
19. This thesis is devoted to the existence and blow-up for the positive solution of degenerate parabolic system and a class of nonlinear degenerate diffusion equation with nonlocal source .
19. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
20. The influence depolarization effect on the third - harmonic generation spectrum in an asymmetric semi - parabolic - quantum well is studied.
21. In chapter two, superconvergent finite volume element method based on quadratic interpolation is generalized to one dimensional parabolic problems.
22. In this paper we have treated the existence of generalized solution to the quasi-Linear equation with parabolic form and its properties of finite diffuse.
23. The relationship between the holding temperature and the average of the equal-area-circle diameter or the average of the roundness was parabolic.
24. Because atmospheric duct have a great effect on radio propagation, the technique of dealing with atmospheric duct is presented for inverse diffraction parabolic equation.
25. The radiant cooler used in the sun synchronous orbit is always designed two stages with a W-shaped parabolic reflector .
26. Therefore, in practice, it is common to make a good feed first and then, according to it, choose or make parabolic reflector with F/D that fits the best.
27. This paper will discuss the solution of an initial value problem of parabolic type.
28. In this paper, an existence result of entropy solutions to some parabolic problems is established. The data belongs to L1 and no growth assumption is made on the lower order term in divergence form.
29. Vector expression is adopted in analyzing the relation between off-axis parabolic parameters and collimation property.
30. In the paper, author has studied the inverse problem about a class of quasi-linear partial differential equations of parabolic type by monotone method, proved uniqueness and stability.
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