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Lurk in a sentence

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Sentence count:78Posted:2017-03-19Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: creephideprowlslinksneakAntonym: appearemergeSimilar words: LurkingmurkyturkeyslurlureallureluridblurtMeaning: [lɜrk /lɜːk]  v. 1. lie in wait, lie in ambush, behave in a sneaky and secretive manner 2. be about 3. wait in hiding to attack. 
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1 Pride may lurk under a threadbare cloak. 
2 Hidden dangers lurk in every family saloon car.
3 Hidden dangers lurk in the ocean depths.
4 I think it's sort of creepy how people lurk in chat rooms.
5 A computer virus may lurk unseen in a computer's memory, calling up and infecting each of the machine's data files in turn.
6 Beneath/Below/Under the surface of contemporary West Indian life lurk memories of slavery.
7 What hidden tensions lurk beneath the present surface?
8 Death may lurk among the green blades.
9 Disaster and shame lurk in the rear.
10 Time-share hucksters lurk in many hotel lobbies.
11 I lurk in shadows and them in me.
12 But along the margins the ghosts still lurk.
13 Cars lurk beneath in the shade.
14 The negative attitudes lurk undetected till a social upheaval forces them to the surface.
15 They would lurk somewhere within a system of tunnels; no good: explosions anywhere in the tunnel would reach them.
16 Lurk in my local chemist, close to the Vatican, and the call seems doomed.
17 Witches are more frightening then wizards, wolves lurk in grandmother's clothing.
18 Behind all foreign policy there lurks, or ought to lurk, careful political calculation.
19 Bottomless shadows lurk in every corner of this artfully arranged, black-and-white nightmare, hinting at horrors left unseen.
20 They understand the dangers that lurk there, the balance between survival and extinction.
21 Herein lies the danger: that power will lurk, unspecified and unaccountable, in the shadows of compromise.
22 Yet beneath their glowing and reverent portrayal, there seemed to lurk another Abu Kamal.
23 But there is now some strong indirect evidence that trypanosomes also lurk in the human choroid plexus.
24 Orcs have large heads with huge jaws but tiny foreheads behind which lurk a thick skull and not very much brain.
25 We can not,( we will not succumb to the dark impulses that lurk in the far regions of the soul everywhere.
26 But don't be fooled by the less-than-brash appearance of so many branches, for some brilliant bargains lurk within.
27 Slaughter and torture declared by judges as the law lurk in the shadows of our history.
28 She couldn't see his expression but it didn't take a fool to realise that distaste and contempt must lurk there.
29 In places, the shadows seemed oppressively dark, sinister hiding-places where some demon or evil sprite might lurk.
30 His voice is high and strained, forced through his nose and those caverns which lurk under the cheekbones.
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