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It is suggested that in a sentence

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Sentence count:166Posted:2018-07-31Updated:2018-07-31
Similar words: it is estimated thatsuggestedit is assumed thatit is alleged thatit is argued thatit is believed thatit is concluded thatsuggest
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1, It is suggested that each subtest is scored separately and no overall test score is obtained.
2, It is suggested that certain structures, which may appear metaphorical, are best treated as cases of underlexicalisation.
3, It is suggested that 2 machines required for horticulture, and 1 for library.
4, It is suggested that the answer to ties comes straight from long-term memory.
5, In general terms it is suggested that determination by expert is quicker and cheaper than determination by arbitrator.
6, It is suggested that the best solution is to combine both methods.
7, It is suggested that recognition of this distinction is fundamental to the efficient and economical design and execution of stability tests.
8, It is suggested that the Commissioner would provide a good model for the establishment of similar posts in other areas of dispute.
9, It is suggested that you retain copies of the documents for at least three years.
10, It is suggested that an orthopaedic surgeon at a different hospital should be instructed.
11, It is suggested that the bat hears echoes of its own squeaks rebounding from solid objects.
12, It is suggested that new members start at step one and proceed sequentially and at their own pace through the remaining steps.
13, It is suggested that citizenship is a relationship between an individual and a polity.
14, However,( is suggested that.html) it is suggested that market share is normally the most important indicator of dominance though not the only factor.
15, On this basis, it is suggested that the test offers a valid way of screening for linguistic disorders.
16, It is suggested that semantic analysis using machine-readable dictionaries is restricted to their definitions and not their expansions.
17, It is suggested that the machines will be capable of input-output throughput of up to 1G-byte per second.
18, It is suggested that merely shaking one's fist at another should not be treated as amounting to threats of violence.
19, Conclusion:It is suggested that the consumption tendency of anti-infectious agents is developing forwards high effective, safe, and lower cost.
20, It is suggested that the key ingredient is thermolysin.
21, It is suggested that the interferential constituents should be considered in the assay of Chinese medicines and preparations by spectrophotometry.
22, It is suggested that the additional voltage adjustment for excitation regulator of large generator should be put into service.
23, It is suggested that topography and diabatic heating play important roles in the motion of landfall TCs.
24, It is suggested that the mistaken result is not the matter of mathematical treatment, but that of physical insight, the treatment's wrong start about sound so...
25, It is suggested that, with the merits of low sensitivity, the active simulation of double resistive load LC ladder filters might be a favorable scheme for high order filter realization.
26, Combined with conclusion of molecular systematics, it is suggested that Pseudocystopteris should be a member of Athyrium.
27, It is suggested that these deposits should have recorded the tectonic movement in Taihangshan area.
28, It is suggested that to more efficiently improve the cold strength and hot strength of the coke, the coking time should be properly prolonged if production conditions are permitted.
29, It is suggested that the length of radial lead-out connections on two ends of the vacuum interrupter should be reduced as far as possible to minimize the influence of external connecting b...
30, Conclusion:The implanted nerves in the rabbit reconstructed penis have resumed axoplasm flow. It is suggested that both sensory nerve ending regeneration and sensory function restoration are possible.
More similar words: it is estimated thatsuggestedit is assumed thatit is alleged thatit is argued thatit is believed thatit is concluded thatsuggestsuggestivesuggestionsuggestiblesuggestivelyit is generally believed thatautosuggestiongranted thatprovided thatit is clear thatdigestedit is natural thatit is obvious thatcongestedit is my belief thatit is high time thatundigestedit is imperative thatand thatthis and thatto the end thattissuebiggest
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