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Isi in a sentence

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Sentence count:62Posted:2020-05-29Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: crisis interventionnisiisisvisitcrisisvisionraisinrisingMeaning: n. the Pakistan intelligence agency; a powerful and almost autonomous political and military force; has procured nuclear technology and delivery capabilities; has had strong ties with the Taliban and other militant Islamic groups. 
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1. AIC method was more sensitive than the ISI method.
2. None of them are terrorists or ISI agents?
3. Methods:Plasma glucose, insulin level and insulin sensitivity index(ISI) were measured in 43 patients with alcoholic hepatopathy and 12 sex and age matched normal subjects as controls.
4. The optimum equalization theory for overcoming the intersymbol interferences (ISI) in multi-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) systems is establishead.
5. Without proper compensation for MAI and ISI, Bit Error Rate ( BER ) is generated highly.
6. Some ISI operatives may sympathize with the Taliban cause. But more important is Pakistan's desire to have a hand in Afghan politics and to restrict Indian influence there.
7. Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence directorate, the ISI, helped create the Taliban in the 1990s to gain influence in Afghanistan.
8. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is an efficient transmitting technology which has high bit rate and resistance to Intersymbol Interference (ISI).
9. Intersymbol interference (ISI) and multiaccess interference (MAI) are two major impairments on the performance of CDMA systems.
10. Adaptive equalization can effectively combat ISI and its basic task is to compensate for the channel aberration.
11. ISI: With the upgrading of the Chinese material industry, will your company strengthen the domestic market?
12. A senior ISI official denied the allegations, saying they were from raw intelligence reports that had not been verified and were meant to impugn the reputation of the spy agency.
13. The Pakistani military has declared the province off-limits to U.S. Predator strikes, and the country's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) seems to be giving the Taliban a free hand.
14. Eventually he founded a commercial company in his garage in Philadelphia -- the Institute of Science Information (ISI) -- that would track on a computer every scientific paper published, period.
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15. At least 180 of the files contain accusations that Pakistan's military intelligence service, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), had given arms, supplies and training to the insurgents.
16. Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) was at the top of the list of suspects, but the report claimed other spy services were in on the act.
17. The simulation results show that the ISI can be eliminated effectively with adaptable equalizers in baseband transmission, and the digital communication system takes.
18. The interchannel interference(ICI) and the residual intersymbol interference(ISI) could be introduced by time varying channel with channel impulse response that exceeds the length of CP.
19. In radio communication system, because of multipath effect and the finity of channel bandwidth and incomplete channel, intersymbol interference (ISI) is inescapability during the data transfer.
20. Maximum likelihood sequence detection (MLSD) of digital signaling subject to intersymbol interference (ISI) and additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) is considered.
21. Equalization technology is a effective method which can remove intersymbol interference ( ISI ) in digital communication.
22. It is an essential technique when the channel is noisy, fading and has inter - symbol interference ( ISI ).
23. Security is tight at the Islamabad headquarters, where last month the ISI asked its next-door neighbour – the city authority – to move to another neighbourhood.
24. Pakistan's ambassador in Washington, Husain Haqqani, vehemently denied claims the country's intelligence agency, the ISI, had backed the Taliban.
25. Gen. Athar Abbas, the chief Pakistan military spokesman(, said he hadn't seen the ISI report.
26. On the basis of studying on wireless communication channels, this paper discusses the appearance of ISI, introduces Nyquist first rule and the theory of time-domain equalizer.
27. Time-domain equalizer (TEQ) is an effective technique to combat ISI caused by inadequate circular prefix (CP) length in OFDM systems.
28. Multivariate regression analysis suggested that the close correlative factors to ISI were high density lipoprotein, very low density lipoprotein and CEcAMP.
29. For the PSA′s system, in the situation of amplifier gain exactly compensating fiber loss, there is an optimum amplifier spacing for the longest ISI limited transmission distance.
30. According to the data in Journal Citation Reports 2002 (JCR2002) declared by American ISI, the paper combined the agricultural engineering journals accepted by it.
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