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Germ plasm in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-03-14Updated:2017-03-14
Similar words: plasmaectoplasmcytoplasmgermGermangermanysplashgermaneMeaning: n. the protoplasm of the germ cells that contains chromosomes and genes. 
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1 He proposed a theory in which the germ plasm was totally isolated from the adult body that transmits it to future generations.
2 Germ Plasm Resource, Wealth to be Shared by Mankind?
3 Chromosome is the carrier of germ plasm.
4 Conserving mollusk's germ plasm resources is a reliably guarantee of sustainable development of aquiculture.
5 Maize with opposite character is both a good germ plasm resource for high yieldbreeding, and a precious variation for plant development research.
6 Conservation of the germ plasm resources is a subject of significance in conservation biology.
7 The germ plasm resource and breeding of grass is one of indispensability class of manual work pasture production subject and core course of grass studying specialty.
8 And they are the central part of the germ plasm resources of fruit trees and the base of fruit trees production.
9 Although the tropical and subtropical zone had different germ plasm with our country's and American's in maize, photoperiod sensitivity had restricted its use in temperate zone.
10 The poultry germ plasm resource is raw material in animal breeding.
11 The genetic difference between germ plasm depend on mainly their evolution relation,[] and not was related consequentially to their Culture type .
12 Preliminary study of the resources of germ plasm of gramineous grass in Kirin Province, China.
13 It is a good leguminous forage germ plasm that has advantage of strong resistance.
14 Studies on Interaction of Indolizine- naphthoquinone and CT-DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the essential germ plasm in organisms.
15 It is a more important effect that the electromagnetic pollution may accelerate germ plasm aberrance. It leads to the confusion of biothythm and illness.
16 Fruit natural mutant (sport) is helpful to enrich wild germ plasm resource and provide precious material both for new cultivars and the study of special gene site.
17 The theory that all heritable characteristics arise in the germ plasm and that acquired characteristics cannot be inherited.
18 The somatic cell chromosomes in F1 hybrid plants indicated that good genes of oats can be introduced into the bread wheat to enrich the germ plasm resources of the wheat.
19 This paper studies distribution application condition and character of Koelreuteria' s germ plasm resource from biology ecology to integrative utilization.
20 Early ideas of inheritance included Hippocrates' theory of pangenesis and August Weismands germ plasm theory.
21 Applying biotechnology was an important means in improving strawberry varieties and contriving new germ plasm.
22 These results strongly suggest that the chicken germline is determined by maternally inherited factors inthe germ plasm.
23 Mini core collection is a representational concentrate population of Chinese 23000 soybean germ plasm.
24 Researchers have strived for the promotion of the production and germ plasm quality of the maize lines by genetic engineering breeding.
25 These varieties present excellent properties of bumper harvest, and enrich germ plasm resources for Luanping County.
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