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Footplate in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-08-08Updated:2017-08-08
Similar words: footpathfootprintplateplatedmaterial requirement planningplateletplateauwall plateMeaning: n. the platform in the cab of a locomotive on which the engineer stands to operate the controls. 
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(1) Kenneth Leech spent his hundredth anniversary on the footplate of a restored engine from his beloved Great Western Railway.
(2) Several deputy editors and the press had footplate rides.
(3) Footplate, baluster and armrest are stair gives a person the most intuitionistic " figure " , they also are the mainest component of stair, matter to us really " body home life " .
(4) Footplate : Can use real wood, marble or glass commonly, the sort of clean with a pointed instrument that at present a lot of people like vitreous step is appeared, the feeling of cold, cruel.
(5) Massage footplate is a kind of ego that controls with ABS rigid plastics massages a tool.
(6) Conclusions The posterior and inferior quadrant of the footplate may be the optimal drill area for the fenestra.
(7) The footplate moved up and down so it alternately bent and straightened the ankle, forcing the fibres within the muscles to alternately lengthen and shorten.
(8) Stair footplate can choose wooden floor and shop carpet.
(9) Result Amplitude variation laws of the stapes footplate and umbo were obtained by comparing the frequency response analytic results between the normal ear and pathological ear.
(10) The woodiness of armrest of woodiness footplate , woodiness and archaize protects column, the bedroom kind spread all the way come.
(11) Soft carpet footplate is the same as partition of lozenge square column to be in it seems that faint in penetrable give some kind of artistic concept.
(12) But what Kenneth really wanted was to be where the action is, on the footplate.
(13) He ran the company as if he had suddenly and unexpectedly found himself on the footplate of a runaway engine.
(14) Thereafter a refusal will lead to the individual being expelled from the footplate line of promotion.
(15) First was shown the locomotive, steaming along an embankment: the driver stood confident on the footplate.
(16) Type I depressor septi muscles(62%) are visible and identifiable, and can be traced to full interdigitation with the orbicularis oris from their origin at the medial crural footplate.
(17) Results: The results showed that the effusion of the middle ear decrease the amplitude of stapes footplate and umbo, weaken the incoming energy of the inner ear,( thus leading to hearing loss.
(18) When using the idler wheel only, fix the brace on the axes of the two idler wheels in paratactic or in series and the top of brace has footplate axes.
(19) Conclusions: These findings show that central polydactyly , syndactyly, and central deficiencies have the same early morphological changes: abnormal clefts in the central part of the footplate.
(20) Also can wait for combination with metal, board, use at armrest, baluster and footplate place, rise to reduce the adornment effect with oppressive space.
(21) While the participants lay on a table with their left knee bent, their left ankle was strapped into a footplate.
(22) By sheet valuation is aimed at stair of high-grade fact wood more, press stair namely all component quote, include general column, large post, columella , baluster, armrest, footplate, expand screw.
(23) Proposal: From the point of now, the combination of wooden banisters , ligneous footplate and metallic baluster is most suffer consumer gay.
(24) Alternatively, the seat has a steel column on a lacquered footplate.
(25) The hearing was improved obviously after reconstruction of the EAM and ossicle for the patients with normal stapes footplate .
(26) Be full of the design of period flavor, stair uses stripe clarity normally, chromatic and slight the footplate that perhaps uses natural primary colors, match again in order to design simple armrest.
(27) From the point of now, the combination of metallic armrest and ligneous footplate is most suffer consumer gay.
(28) The combination of the steel tube of terminal market and inferior footplate cannot communicate classical grade at all.
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