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Flight path in a sentence

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Similar words: flighthighlightlightplightslightlight updelightlightlyMeaning: n. 1. the path of a rocket or projectile or aircraft through the air 2. a designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another. 
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1. The plane deviated from its normal flight path.
2. The pilot was instructed to change his flight path.
3. They have persuaded the authorities to divert the flight path of the military jets away from their village.
4. The plane had to deviate from its normal flight path.
5. We must be under a flight path.
6. She would then try to adjust her flight path to the fist by altering direction into the wind.
7. The 3 deg. deviation flight path doomed this airliner.
8. Estimating Your Aircraft Flight Path.
9. A flight path pre-planning method and an algorithm for generating flight trajectory control instruction are put forward, which meet the need of low-altitude penetration.
10. This paper aims at solving the deficiency of flight path control system of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).
11. I looked at our computer and saw our flight path would be over this famous mountain.
12. The flight path would then either intersect the earth, or go off into space.
13. Intelligent tactical flight path planning system is proposed by integrating situation assessment with path planning.
14. The plane's flight path climbed to 10,000 metres and then levelled off.
15. An approach to the flight path control system of the unmanned aerial vehicle in take off phase is presented.
16. On this occasion the plane deviated from its usual flight path.
17. No way was I going out with a Famlio ship in my flight path.
18. As the gaggle crossed the next village on our flight path, many ships called in hits.
19. It soars the length of the awning, wings flapping once, twice to propel it along an unerring flight path.
20. Living near an airport which is proposing to add an extra flight path - over your house.
21. That way it may get out of the bat's flight path before it enters the detection range.
21. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
22. This mid-air explosion causes the dispersion of the material over a large oval-shaped area. The orientation of this oval is determined by the flight path of the meteoroid.
23. The aircraft can be commanded after taking off, and the aircraft aviates automatically according to the preconcerted flight path.
24. So they use three detectors located at different positions along the flight path of the dust.
25. This paper introduces a technique used for deceiving the radars which generates false target with signature of flight path, and gives its operational principle and implementation in detail.
26. Post stall maneuvers were optimized with a mission coverage of flight path reorientation and target pointing.
27. Radar system operating mechanism includes system operating, noise pattern and processing, joins processing, flight path association and renew, flight path origin.
28. Ride to Shattrath ( easily doable at 60 ) to set your Hearthstone and grab the flight path.
29. Test results show that the technique can be used to generate false target with flight path signature to netted radar system, thus is effective.
30. A sliding mode observer is designed to estimate the angle of attack and flight path angle for a hypersonic vehicle.
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