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Electronegativity in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-08-16Updated:2017-08-16
Similar words: negativityelectrical resistivitynegativismelectronelectronicelectronicscollectivityvalence electronMeaning: n. (chemistry) the tendency of an atom or radical to attract electrons in the formation of an ionic bond. 
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1. In general, as the difference in electronegativity between two elements forming a bond decreases, so does the bond enthalpy.
2. Agreement tends to be far better when the electronegativity difference between the two ions is high.
3. Metallic character increases down Group 16 as electronegativity decreases.
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4. Outward currents therefore increase electronegativity in the cell interior.
5. Well, let's see something really crazy with electronegativity.
6. You see the difference in electronegativity, square it, multiply it by one-quarter and raise that to the power e.
7. So, in contrast, if it has a low electronegativity, this then is going to be an electron donor.
8. And so, this is a schematic of the electronegativity scale.
9. A method to calculate new valence electronegativity and the ionicity of chemical bond of the transition metal elements is also presented here.
10. If you look at the electronegativity difference 73 for sodium iodide, it is 1.73.
11. And, this is the difference in electronegativity between the two elements, all right?
12. So, when we're talking about the idea of electronegativity[], essentially what we're talking about is the ability for an atom to attract electron density from another atom.
13. Because of the high electronegativity of the positively charged noble-gas centers, any ligands for those centers must themselves be electronegative.
14. Hyperpolarization and repolarization both describe increased electronegativity within the cell.
15. if we think about electronegativity as a periodic trend we can just draw our nice periodic table here, and let's separate it into quadrants.
16. X is the electronegativity of the semiconductor, which is the geometric mean of the electronegativity of the constituent atoms.
17. All right, so it's very common to talk about electronegativity of different atoms, and you can look up tables of these.
18. And in contrast, in the lower left hand part of the periodic table, these 2 quantities are low, so also what we're going to see is low electronegativity.
19. And I look up and see that 55 the electronegativity of carbon is 2.55 2 we already know, is 2.20.
20. We'll then take a turn to talking about the periodic table, we'll look at a bunch of periodic trends, including ionization energy, electron affinity, electronegativity and atomic radius.
21. The classical bond ionicity is corrected from the consideration of both the electronegativity difference and bond distance.
22. The stability of hydrated divalent iodatesbe related to the electronegativity of the corresponding cations.
23. So we need to go to this second case where we're instead going to think about electronegativity, and we want to think about which atom is the most electronegative.
24. We talked about ionization energy, electron affinity, we talked about electronegativity, which is just kind of a combination of the first two, and then ended with atomic radius here.
25. And the functionality goes as the square of the difference in electronegativity.
26. The affection on the enthalpies of formation aroused by factors, such as size factor, electronegativity, the energy of orbit of selectron etc, is also discussed.
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