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Drop off in a sentence

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Sentence count:45+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: dischargedope offdoze offdrift offdropdrop awaydrowse offfall asleepfall awayfall backfall behindflake outlosenod offput downrecedeset downslipunloadSimilar words: drop outon top ofdropsdrop byproposeproposedproportionmetropolitanMeaning: v. 1. fall or diminish 2. change from a waking to a sleeping state 3. leave or unload, especially of passengers or cargo; 4. retreat 5. get worse drop-off. n. 1. a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality 2. a steep high face of rock 3. a change downward. 
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1. Can I drop off the car in...?
2. The membership of the club began to drop off.
3. Sales to the British forces are expected to drop off.
4. I need to drop off these papers at Bob's.
5. He had heard it drop off and roll away.
6. We could just cuddle up and drop off.
7. Built circa 1880, bits drop off the outside and have to be caught in a wire net hung over the door.
8. His slack, slaked face seemed about to drop off with sheer gravity of dissipation.
9. They do not drop off when they reach full size.
10. A mystery man usually comes around to drop off a complimentary rose at extraordinary houses.
11. When it rained, the water would drop off the wire into the empty tins below.
12. Drop off at Lower Bridge Street, a gem of an old-fashioned byway, and browse among fashionable shops and restaurants.
13. When you drop off the photos(, be sure to request matte finish.
14. If you find it difficult to drop off, the Herbal Information Centre recommends a warm, milky drink before bedtime.
15. A hill would begin to swell and then drop off suddenly, as if cut through by a knife.
16. Could you drop off the kids on your way to work?
17. At around 12.30, she did eventually drop off for an hour or so.
18. Insomnia doesn't mean inability to drop off to sleep.
19. The recession caused sales to drop off.
21. She was waiting line drop off 15 - year - old Tyler and 11 - year - old Daniel Hackman.
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22. Mary, did you drop off the roll of film developing?
23. I was past putting the tent up, celebrating and wondering why my arms did not drop off.
24. Leese and I went to the operations tent to drop off the dash-twelve page from the log book.
25. The Marine Commandos looked exhausted, some of them appeared to be about to drop off to sleep on their feet.
26. In fact, eventually, it will crawl out of you and drop off, to pupate in the ground.
27. In response, body temperature falls, metabolism slows, and we prepare to drop off.
28. Then I started to be sick and my skin started to peel and drop off.
29. It was a happy debut for the latest model to drop off the fast-bowling conveyor belt.
30. So we wake one another up if we ever do manage to drop off.
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