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Draughtsman in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-06-01Updated:2017-06-01
Similar words: draughtsdraughtfraughtdistraughtmanslaughtersportsmancraftsmancraftsmanshipMeaning: [irr.]  n. a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines. 
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1. He set about honing his skills as a draughtsman.
2. He's a poor draughtsman.
3. Then they had a draughtsman prepare the plans and sub-contracted the building.
4. Her skill as a draughtsman appears in innumerable witty pen-and-ink illustrations to her letters.
5. They forget that Picasso was a brilliant draughtsman, composer, colourist.
6. Degas may have been a fine draughtsman, but he was not a painter.
7. Front, and, trainee draughtsman.
8. He then worked part-time as a draughtsman for Wilbur T. Trueblood and Hugo Graf in St Louis.
9. Originally an architect, he is an outstanding draughtsman and in only a few years' time became the first specialist in 17th and 18th century naval architecture.
10. Obtains issues "National High-level Draughtsman Certificate" by the Chinese Project Graph Academic society.
11. He had early ordered his artists and draughtsman to make fac- similes of all that were discovered; and had set himself about finding the key to the hidden tongue.
12. Was a Spanish painter, draughtsman , and sculptor.
13. The draughtsman rapidly blocked out his idea.
14. I'm no draughtsman , I'm afraid , ie no good at
15. GAD are prepared by a draughtsman nominated by the DO Supervisor, are endorsed by the originator and the person approving the GAD.
16. Hamilton became a draughtsman at an engineering company.
17. A proper engineering drawing can not be thus fudged; like Wolf, the draughtsman must fully comprehend what he is drawing.
18. Years went by before he could be persuaded to hire an assistant engineer or draughtsman.
19. Vincent strained every nerve to turn himself into a draughtsman acceptable to the illustrated papers, and the strain showed.
20. I thought he was a very toffee-nosed man, a good draughtsman in a commercial sort of way, very accurate of course.
21. Tom White (Colin Friels) is at breaking point as an architectural draughtsman , his middle class life overpowering him.
22. Tom White is at breaking point as an architectural draughtsman , his middle class life overpowering him.
23. Aware that this was the ultimate knowing situation, the Draughtsman replied 'yes.
24. Just as an archer needs bow and arrow, or a draughtsman pen and paper, so Charsi needs the Horadric Malus with which to ply her trade.
25. Ma Desheng(1952- ) Born in Beijing, Ma worked as a draughtsman during the Cultural Revolution.
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