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Downright in a sentence

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Sentence count:125+6 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-20Updated:2017-03-20
Synonym: absolutecompleteentireplainpositivethoroughtotalutterSimilar words: unrighteoushuman rightsrightuprightoutrightall rightbrightlyright awayMeaning: adj. 1. characterized by plain blunt honesty 2. complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers. adv. thoroughgoing. 
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1. She's being downright difficult and obstructive.
2. Some of these statements are misleading and some downright mendacious.
3. The man was downright rude to us.
4. He was downright rude to me.
5. Jed's just downright lazy.
6. He wasn't just inconsiderate, he was downright rude.
7. That road is downright dangerous!
8. It was downright panic—the frozen expressions on the faces of the actors was proof enough of that.
9. He wasn't just impolite — he was downright rude.
10. The audience gave him a downright hostile reception.
11. It's a risky idea, if not downright dangerous!
12. Their statement was a downright inanity.
13. It's not just stupid-it's downright dangerous.
14. There was suspicion and even downright hatred between them.
15. It's downright ridiculous that the library isn't open on Mondays!
16. For a female swimmer, 29-year-old Angel Martino is downright hoary.
17. Tom can be downright nasty sometimes.
18. He is tough-talking, opinionated, downright mean, an unabashed racist.
19. An omelette of rumour, speculation and downright lies, with many a sting in the tail.
20. It takes a lot of thought and effort and downright determination to be agreeable. 
21. Some of the arguments in favour of shutting the factory are questionable and others downright spurious.
22. The powdered milk was not as good as breast milk, and was downright dangerous when it was mixed with unclean water.
23. I think the way she's been treated is a downright disgrace.
24. His evidence was a blend of smears, half truths and downright lies.
25. She couldn't think of anything to say that wasn't downright rude.
26. And, of course(, she has imagined for herself an importance that goes beyond the grandiose to the downright loopy.
27. People who have taken the drug report a range of effects from the unpleasant to the downright dangerous.
28. I tried to make polite small talk with him although he seemed distinctly taciturn, if not downright moody.
29. Some in disbelief that a car so beautiful, so fast and so downright delicious could cost as little as £27,000.
30. Some of the reactions by college coaches and administrators to recent instances of racism and sexism have been downright disturbing.
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