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Cytotoxicity in a sentence

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Similar words: cytotoxiccytotoxic drugcytotoxic t cellcytotoxinphytotoxictoxicityototoxichepatotoxicMeaning: n. the degree to which something is toxic to living cells. 
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1) Results The isobutyl chitosan has no cytotoxicity, sensitization, irritation and systemic acute toxicity.
2) Objective : To evaluate cytotoxicity of the biofilm composed of collagen and polysaccharides.
3) Conclusion This ceramic has no cytotoxicity or abnormal oral mucous membrane irritating response.
4) Methods The cytotoxicity of TPT on COC1/DDP was monitered using MTT assay and soft agaragar assay.
5) Objective To study the cytotoxicity of millimicron brucite fiber dust in vitro.
6) The bile acids are found cytotoxicity to cardiac muscle cells in experiments.
7) In vitro cytotoxicity test, the two prodrugs were slightly less cytotoxic than the intermediate, while greatly less cytotoxic than the parent compound camptothecin.
8) METHODS: MTT assay to test cytotoxicity; cell staining and NBT reduction to test cell differentiation.
9) Objective To investigate the cytotoxicity and apoptotic activity of topotecan(TPT) on cisplatin-resistant human ovarian cancer cell lines A2780/DDP and COC1/DDP.
10) Conclusion: IL 2 enhanced monocyte mediated cytotoxicity and target cell apoptosis, which could be augmented by mitogen induced IL 2R expression on monocytes.
11) Objective To investigate the cytotoxicity of alcohol on hepatic and neuronic cells of rat and.
12) Objective:To study the correlation between cytotoxicity of daunorubicine (DNR) and harringtonine (H) to leukemic cells in vitro from 39 patients with acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML).
13) Objective To investigate the cytotoxicity of pyridoxine on cultured liver neoplasm H22 cell line.
14) Objective To study the cytotoxicity of crosslinked collagen-based scaffolds treated by glycin.
15) HeLa cell cytotoxicity test,[] after incubate 72 hr all of Paclitaxel - loaded particles have cell inhibition effect.
16) The cytotoxicity of rhTHF - α on hepatic carcinoma cell line ( BEL 7402 ) and L 929 were assayed by MTT.
17) The efficacy of hypomethylating agents (e. g. 5 aza 2' deoxycytidine) as antineoplastic agents has been attributed to two distinct mechanism: cytotoxicity and induction of hypomethylation.
18) Aim To reveal the virulence variation related to vacuolating cytotoxicity of coccoid Helicobacter pylori .
19) CONCLUSION:High molecular part from water macerating extract of A. bidentata root has a remarkable cytotoxicity against P388 leukemia cells in vitro.
20) Objective To investigate the potential influence of zinc deficiency and excessiveness on the differentiation and cytotoxicity to mice embryo limb bud cells.
21) These results demonstrate that the efficient components of Juglans Mandshurica extract have distinct cytotoxicity on tumor cells, at the same time, which also take effect on tumor tissue in vivo.
22) AIM: Ganoderma triterpenes (GTS) are the main components with cytotoxicity in Ganoderma lucidum, a popularly used traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for complementary cancer therapy.
23) Methods MTT assay and observation of cytopathic effect (CPE) were carried out to determine the cytotoxicity of Alternanthera philoxeroides Griseb on C6/36 cell lines and its effects on dengue virus.
24) Two target cells were used to detect the antibody - dependent cytotoxicity ( ADCC ) function of PBMC.
25) To explore the improved preparation of protoporphyrin disodium, observe the cytotoxicity of Napp in vitro and its inhibitory effect on HCV subgenomic replicon cell model.
26) The present study aims to investigate the protective effect and potential mechanism of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) on Cd-induced cytotoxicity in normal human liver cell (HL-7702).
27) Observation of cell morphology, anchorage - dependent rate and MTT colorimetry preliminarily indicated that microsphere had no cytotoxicity.
28) Optics and optical instruments - Contact lenses - Determination of cytotoxicity of contact lens material - Part 1: agar testinhibition test.
29) The most widely known methylation inhibitors are cytidine analogues. However, due to their substantial cytotoxicity, they are limited in their application.
30) The toxiferous traditional Chinese medicine, "Bailangdu" exhibited many biological activities, such as anti-tuberculosis, anticancer, anti-leukemia, cytotoxicity, immunoloregulation, etc.
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