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Cyclization in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2018-04-05Updated:2018-05-26
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1, Cyclization occurs readily with dilute alkali.
2, This paper describes the various cyclization reaction by neighboring group participation.
3, By adjusting the reaction temperature or using different cyclization methods, condensation is carried out, and indanone dimmer and indanone trimer can be obtained respectively.
4, Application of samarium diiodide in mediating intramolecular cyclization reactions was reviewed.
5, Aqueous titanium trichloride promoted intermolecular reductive cyclization of 1,2 -diketone and o-nitroaniline in basic media provides a convenient method for the synthesis of quinoxaline derivatives.
6, Menthol was obtained from lemon eucalyptus oil via cyclization and catalytic hydrogenation.
7, Study progress on cyclization of citronellal to(-)-isopulegol over catalysts is reviewed.
8, Inveatigation of the chemical cyclization of poly ( amic acid ), obtained from HQDPA and m 3 MPDA, were perfomed.
9, Allene oxide cyclase (AOC) catalyzes the stereospecific cyclization of an unstable allene oxide to (9S, 13S)-12-oxo-(10,15Z)-phytodienoic acid, which is the precursor next to jasmonic acid.
10, With thiourea and n-butyl acetoacetate cyclization, and then replaced with dimethyl sulfate, then reactions occur with the amine to produce ethirimol, the total yield is 51.7%,[] LC 97.8%.
11, The recent development about applications of ionic liquids(ILs) to transition metal -catalyzed cyclization of alkyne and enyne compounds was introduced.
12, Methods Apraclonidine was synthesized from P-Nitraniline by reaction with reduction, adding protection group, formylation, chlorination, cyclization, off-protecting group.
13, Synthesis of coumarin-3-carboxylic acid through sodium ethoxide catalyzed synthesis of coumarin -3-carboxylic acid ethyl ester, followed by saponification, acidolysis cyclization was studied.
14, With p-methylbenzonitrile as starting material, the fluorescent bleaching agent bisbenzoxazole diphenylethene (OB-1) was synthesized by chlorination, cyclization and condensation.
15, The phenomonon was explained in view of the mechanism of chemical cyclization of amic acid.
16, Sodium ethylate was used as catalyst in Baker - Venkataraman of cyclization, and all factors were studied.
17, Method The target compound was synthesized from clarithromycin via hydrolyzation, acetylation, cyclic carbonatation , oxidation, de carbonatation, acylation, cyclic carbamatation and cyclization.
18, The cracking and skeletal isomerization became more strong with the rise of reaction temperature, while oligomerization, cyclization and hydrogen transfer reaction became weaker.
19, Bromacil was synthesized using 2-bromobutane and urea as the starting materials in three steps including condensation, cyclization and bromination with total yield of 61%.
20, This paper reports the improvement on the synthesis of 5 methylisoxazol 3 formamide by Claisen condensation of diethyl oxalacetate followed by cyclization and ammonolysis.
21, Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride was prepared from benzoyl chloride by acidylation, hydrogenation, cyclization with an overall yield of 8.05 %.
22, METHODS Cilnidipine was synthesized from cinnamyl alcohol by esterification, feminization and condensation - cyclization.
23, Methods 1-Methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline was synthesized from phenethylamine through three steps:acetylation with acetyl chloride, cyclization with PPA and reduction with potassium borohydride.
24, Screening for 2 - bromo-butyric acid as the starting material, after ammonolysis, esterification, ester amine solution, split, five-step cyclization reaction Levetiracetam.
25, With acetophenone as staring material, hropirimine was synthesized by acylation, cyclization and bromination that total yield was 34.5%.
26, METHODS Strontium ranelate was synthesized from citric acid via decarboxylation , esterification, cyclization, alkylation, hydrolysis and salification.
27, Methods: Starting from diethanolamine, BP 897 was prepared via chlorination, cyclization, substitution aminolysis and condensation reaction.
28, Method:Telmisartan was prepared form 2-n-propyl-4-methyl-6-(methoxycarbonyl) benzimidazole by a 3-step process of cyclization, condensation, and hydrolysis.
29, Also the optimum reaction conditions including formylation, method and reaction time of cyclization were studied to enhance the yield. In the end, their fluorescence spectrum are analyzed.
30, N butyl 2 ethoxy thioacridone was prepared from o chloro benzoic acid and p phenetidine by means of Ullman reaction, cyclization, N alkylation and sulfurization.
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