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Volatilization in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-12-11Updated:2017-12-11
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(1) It is dispersed either by thermal volatilization or as a dust.
(2) It is first method in entironment monitoring that volatilization hydroxybenzene in water with 4 - amino - antipyrine extraction method.
(3) They found volatilization of dieldrin tended to decrease as bulk density increased.
(4) Ammonia volatilization appears regular change in the condition of the same amount of urea applied to the soil with different treatments of phosphorus fertilizer application.
(5) Ammonia volatilization was estimated in the field from perennial ryegrass turf after application of five kinds of N fertilizer.
(6) The use of damping agent can restrain volatilization of molybdenum oxide effectively.
(7) The experiments on volatilization of diesel oil on watch - glass and in soil were carried out.
(8) Thermodynamic analysis was made to study the reduction volatilization of boron in ludwigite by using carbothermic reduction. Predominance diagram for the BCO system was presented.
(9) With a decrease in the mole ratio, volatilization of sulfur decreased rapidly.
(10) Ammonia volatilization is a major path of nitrogen losses from plants.
(11) The effect of the outer- volatilization of a rocket engine charge on the muzzle velocity was discussed and some ways and measures to guide manufacture were suggested.
(12) By analyzing the process of gas liquid balance, super heat, shaping nucleus and volatilization, the "surface shaping nucleus effect" of magnetic field was revealed.
(13) Waxes were extracted from the lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) leaves by chloroform, the waxes could self-assembled to be hydrophobic coatings on the glass slides after volatilization of chloroform.
(14) The continuous reaction can omit the separation of catalyst from the product and reduce the volatilization loss of acrolein, and it will be more favorable to industrial production.
(15) It was demonstrated that PCP removal by granular sludge in UAD reactors was due to biodegradation rather than adsorption and volatilization.
(16) Results indicated MABR could effectively avoid volatile organic compounds volatilization caused by conventional bubble aeration and secondary pollution of the air.
(17) In no-smoking home kitchens the two main sources of naphthalene were cooking and volatilization of camphor ball, accounting for 64% and 36%, respectively.
(18) Gallium and arsenic can be removed as halide by volatilization.
(19) Phenanthrene and pyrene in soil are based on microbial degradation, followed by abiotic degradation such as volatilization, chemical degradation.
(20) In the volatility test, hot weightless of the complex was smaller than that of the mixture, indicating that inclusion complex was able to lower volatilization of garlic oil.
(21) In smoking home kitchens there were three sources of cooking, volatilization of camphor ball and smoking, accounting for 30%, 17% and 53%, respectively.
(22) More than 90 percent of the antimony rate of volatilization can be obdried at lower temperature and lower reductor in the reduction process of the ore.
(23) Using the infrared heating theory, it can accelerate the volatilization of the attenuant of the paint and shorten the time for drying.
(24) The nitrogen fertilizer losses in paddy field involve nitrification - denitrification, ammonia volatilization nitrate leaching and runoff.
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