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Consuetudinary in a sentence

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Sentence count:15Posted:2020-06-27Updated:2020-06-27
Similar words: consuetudevaletudinariandesuetudelatitudinarianaltitudinallatitudinalattitudinallongitudinalMeaning: [‚kɒnswɪ'tjuːdɪnərɪ]  n. a manual describing the customs of a particular group (especially the ceremonial practices of a monastic order). 
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1. As early as in the 21st century BC, consuetudinary law appeared in China's slave society.
2. Serious person at every turn disobeys a society consuetudinary , get used to normal social life hard.
3. Lantern hanging lamp lights: jilin consuetudinary also has a long history.
4. To deal of a country, should know place above all consuetudinary with culture formal.
5. Carry incidentally, be in a few places of China, remarrying is to have it seems that what hold wedding afternoon is consuetudinary .
6. Area of our country certain minority, before still withholding a marriage up to now, live together consuetudinary , also call try marriage or go marriage.
7. It resembles historical eyewitness , also resemble one side mirror, the appearance with consuetudinary marriage of the city in letting people see from its body.
8. Main research French-Chinese psychology of the culture tradition of two kinds of languages and characteristic, nation and consuetudinary the relation between.
9. Artistic ethical value often fulfils the challenge that becomes social standard already at be opposite, and be not consuetudinary to times morality follow rules ground to abide by.
9. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
10. And at this late hour, they already became Africa to maintain last groups of primitive zoology nation, the lifestyle before maintaining 500 years and consuetudinary.
11. The male of Jew and devotional Moslem, be delivered of be about before long according to religion consuetudinary by excision wrapping (namely circumcision) .
12. Be in about Tang Dynasty, chinese on the ground and those who sit is consuetudinary passed Japan, gradually rice of couch of couch of type of evolution the whole day.
13. What some places have " to stick autumn fat " is consuetudinary, one to the autumn people begins ground of big fish big meat to enter fill.
14. Be in about Tang Dynasty, chinese on the ground and those who sit is consuetudinary pass Japan, perform type of melt into day gradually " couch couch rice " .
15. According to account, far acting when Yan Zhou, live in hill of Fujian fierce exterminate what the Fujian that 9 brooks take jumps over clansman to have tea bath is consuetudinary.
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