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Circumfluence in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2020-05-18Updated:2020-05-18
Similar words: circumfluentcircumflexcircumferencecircumfusecircumambiencecircumferentialcircumstantial evidencecircumstance
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1. Results The alkaloid content was the highest after circumfluence extraction by ethanol acid - base precipitation.
2. In chemical experiments, circumfluence will lead to the explosion of test tubes.
3. In some specific background of circumfluence, the stable atmosphere structure may turn to instable.
4. The existence of circumfluence in the paralleling operation system makes the system work abnormally.
5. The formation of "low pressure closed circumfluence region" and the entrainment of vortexes are the main reasons for vectoring a low speed jet.
6. The siltation relates with the circumfluence.
7. It is a circumfluence case dryer, specially designed for users with limited workshop.
8. Is circumfluence spent in heart blood how to treat?
9. Circumfluence is fit for mix.
10. To study cycloconverter fed synchronous motor speed adjustable system with circumfluence and automatic reactive power compensation.
11. Special deign is the maze - design subassembly to prevent leakage of circumfluence.
12. After inserting conduit, abdomen uses gasbag pressurization , oppressive vein finishing speech,( ) in order to reduce haemal circumfluence.
13. The Daidzin was obtained with a purity of 90% using acetone circumfluence extraction and the hybrid extraction of acetone and ethyl acetate.
14. Hunji rock is formed in seashore environment, mixed carbonate sediment in beach or tideland facies with quartz sand taken from bayou or beach by coastwise flow and circumfluence.
15. Morpheuslie should adopt on the right side of lie, body nature is inflectional, this kind of pose is helpful for haemal circumfluence, reduce heart burden.
16. This paper develops a new method for numerical simulation on spur dike circumfluence.
17. Then cloud motion winds are derived from these tracers and after a circumfluence analysis on the cloud motion winds, the cloud motion winds are compared with the rawinsonde winds.
18. The research on dolomite genesis is in postulation stage at present, which includes five models of vaporization, infiltration and circumfluence, sea water, mixing water and buried dolomitization.
19. Oxic zone and anaerobic zone were not set up separately in interchannel clarifier oxidation ditch system, gathering all the functions of the aeration, sediment and circumfluence in it.
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