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Centrality in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-11-29Updated:2017-11-29
Similar words: centralistcentralisecentralizecentralizedcentraliseddecentralisedecentralizedecentralizedMeaning: n. the property of being central. 
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1. The centrality of the German economy to the welfare of Europe must be recognised.
2. That sort of centrality does not automatically make it an easy issue for national politicians, though.
3. A work unit holds a power base of centrality if other departments are very dependent on it in the work flow.
4. The centrality of full employment as a policy objective is electorally expedient too.
5. It misleadingly marginalizes both the centrality of the Church and classicism, the dominant artistic trend of the period.
6. It is the centrality of recordings within popular music today.
6. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
7. It draws attention to the centrality of preaching in the New Testament.
8. With the advent of global ecological crisis, human centrality becomes the focus of discussion.
9. To strengthen protection, we must reassert the centrality of international humanitarian and human rights law.
10. According to centrality strength, centrality strengths of Hohhot and Baotou city are respectively 1.27 and 2.34, as the"regional central city".
11. Meanwhile, Ezra Klein notes centrality of cars doesn't bode well for pricing carbon.
12. Bank industry has great centrality and demonstrates the characteristics of imperfect competition.
13. Occurrence centrality of the meeting after why taking hormone is fat?
14. Why are states losing centrality as the main or only unit of analysis?
15. Steiner and Sontag are in a sense correct about the centrality of homosexuality to modern culture.
16. But when the Cape route opened and the New World beckoned(, the centrality of Prague diminished.
17. Having discarded as inadequate our orthodox rationalisations for meat's culinary centrality, the question remained: why is it so important?
18. Gummer calls for the reassertion of the importance and centrality of the religiously sanctioned, monogamous heterosexual relationship to our culture.
19. Chronic and toxic can have ball backsight neuritis, inspect dish of oedema, retinal hemal convulsion, haemorrhage, oozy, eye shot is short of caustic and centrality stricture.
20. The algorithm divides tag co -occurrence network based on tag node's centrality and similarity, and automatically generates a cluster feature tag after clustering to represent that cluster.
21. The most obvious feature of the Confucian culture structurally is ethic centrality.
22. The outcome of analysis shows that the proper share centrality vails the efficiency of corporate governance.
23. There is a homeless person " and--but these are day-to-day moral questions we struggle with all the time and so there's a centrality in the study of how we do moral reasoning.
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