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Cementite in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2021-06-06Updated:2021-06-06
Similar words: enticementcementingentitlementidentity elementcommencementrecommencementcommencement daycementMeaning: n. the iron carbide constituent of steel and cast iron; very hard and brittle. 
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1. In specimens of eutectoid steel T8, the cementite lamellae may be plastically deformed to some extent, and its tendency increases with the decrease of interlamellar spacing.
2. A mixture of ferrite and cementite forming distinct layers or bands in slowly cooled carbon steels.
3. The slow dissolution of coarse cementite in bainite retards the precipitation rate of carbides during tempering.
4. The cementite phase in steels increases the recrystallization temperature and abstracts the grain growth.
5. The bifurcation process of cementite flake is changed by magnetic field. The cementite flakes in pearlite grains tend to be parallel with the increase of magnetic flux density.
6. The deformative charateristics of cementite of white cast iron during the rolling process was investigated.
7. A mixture of ferrite cementite forming distinct layers or bands in slowly cooled carbon steels.
8. White cast iron contain a lot of free cementite, nature brittle hard, very wear-resisting.
9. The stable phases in soft steel at room temperature are ferrite and cementite .
10. Spheroidizing is the process of producing a structure in which the cementite is in a spheroidal distribution.
11. A few days ago, furnace of an Oriental red cementite of my company needs to repair.
12. Since this chemical separation of the carbon component occurs entirely in the solid state, the resulting structure is a fine mechanical mixture of ferrite and cementite.
13. The effect of Si on the crystal lattice parameters, lattice volume and crystal defects of the eutectic cementite in malleable cast iron has been studied by using X ray diffractometer and TEM.
14. The results showed : in the as-cast white iron there was the enrichment of silicon between the eutectic cementite and pearlite.
15. But, at a very low pouring temperature, the cooling velocity increases greatly, the dissociative cementite may come out easily, even the whole cam may become while iron.
16. In this paper, the forming shaping and effecting elements of free cementite in the lowcarbon annealing steel are studied.
17. The results show that the microstructure at remelted surface layer consists of mainly cementite and ledeburite, which apparently improves the hardness and wear resistance of the remelted specimen.
18. The distribution of silicon in as-cast white iron was studied using electron probe microanalysis. Effect of silicon on lattice constant of the cementite was also studied using X-ray diffraction.
19. By analysis of the cracking products, the effects of the coking-inhibitors on the cracking reaction and the cementite phenomenon of the metal were investigated.
20. It was revealed that: inhomogeneous distribution of the non-metallic inclusion and excessive bainite and tertiary cementite is the cause of cracking.
21. It is generally considered that the simple mechanical mixture of ferrite and cementite is gained in the pearlite transformation and there is prevenient phase in this process.
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22. Results indicated that microstructure of the ZSF alloy consists of austenite and eutectic cementite.
23. The paper detailed describes the principle, characteristics and usage value of rare earth cementite in practice.
24. T 10 steel with a starting structure of ferrite and spheroidal cementite wasimployed to undergo laser processing.
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