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Causal in a sentence

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Similar words: causesausagebecauseperusalcausticrefusalbecause ofespousalMeaning: ['kɔːzl]  adj. involving or constituting a cause; causing. 
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1. Don't overuse a causal connective like 'because'.
2. 'Because' is a causal conjunction.
3. He threaded several causal ideas into a charming essay.
4. The causal explanation must be that old age causes poverty, not that poverty causes people to be old.
5. Is there a causal relationship between violence on television and violent behaviour?
6. The report failed to prove a causal link between violence on screen and in real life.
7. Being female has a causal effect in two ways.
8. Which other mechanisms may be causal?
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9. Thus the causal model is a two-step one.
10. There is no causal relation between these various events.
11. Clearly, then, a causal relationship would be plausible.
12. These can be compared with the causal processes mentioned.
13. Indeed, the two have a causal relationship.
14. Do all of what we take to be causal circumstances and causes precede their effects?
15. The idea that science does not involve causal connection also faces other difficulties, one of which can be given briefly.
16. Or does the causal level contain factors of another sort which do the real work?
17. Such laws, although sometimes run together with causal laws, are best regarded as otherwise.
18. The causal direction hypothesis predicts that performance will be better on the causal task than on the temporal task.
19. Cause, on the other hand, situates the causal agent prior to the event caused and so requires the to infinitive.
20. The orbital motion of the earth provided a causal explanation for why the planets appeared to meander across the sky.
21. Rawlins stresses that it is impossible to prove a causal link between the drug and the deaths.
22. The correspondent, however, was sage enough to emphasise that the relationship was far from causal.
23. The first casts older people as being almost inevitably poor and this draws a causal relationship between income and later life.
24. The aspiration towards some sort of rational understanding of the causal relationship is probably the best we can achieve.
25. There is also a larger reason for considering the objection about the place of causal and other nomic connections in science.
26. Among the studies that have found that small farms have higher land productivity, different causal explanations may be found.
27. They are thus perfectly suited to the analysis of our beliefs about causal chains or sequences.
28. In some respects there seems not much room for argument about our conception of standard effects and their causal circumstances.
29. In determinist terms, this is explained by the virtually infinite complexity of different constellations of different causal variables in individual cases.
30. In addition, each cost area examined was subjected to a causal analysis.
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