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Catalytically in a sentence

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Similar words: catalyticbiocatalyticautocatalyticanalyticallycatalytic oxidationcatalytic converteranalyticalpsychoanalyticalMeaning: adv. by catalytic action; in a catalytic manner. 
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(1) The cellular source of the catalytically active PLA2 in serum of patients suffering from acute pancreatitis and other diseases is unknown.
(2) Waste nitrilon fibre can be hydrolyzed catalytically in a autoclave the hydrolysate can be compounded to a new casting adhesive.
(3) Methods of raising electrochemically and catalytically degradation rate are discussed, existing problems and developing directions in the study of the field a re pointed out.
(4) Therefore, it is important for the catalytically hydro dechlorination of carbon tetrachloride to chloroform.
(5) The produced enzyme is locked in its catalytically active confirmation, and thus exhibits improved activity and stability.
(6) Chloromethane was catalytically converted to higher hydrocarbons over Mg modified ZSM-5 catalyst.
(7) The growth of CNTS( carbon nanotubes) by catalytically cracking ethylene in the presence of the supported catalyst doped with rare earth samaria is reported.
(8) Gold has long been known as being catalytically inactive. However, more interest and attention have been concentrated on the research and development of gold catalysts in recent years.
(9) The components in the fluid catalytically cracked (FCC)gasoline were detected by capillary column gas chromatography-mass spectrometry(GC/MS).
(10) When a catalytically active enzyme forms a complex with a cofactor a holoenzyme is produced.
(11) Apoenzyme An ENZYME whose cofactor or prosthetic group has been removed (e. g. via dialysis) rendering it catalytically inactive. It is the protein part of a conjugate enzyme.
(12) In the oxydehydrogenation of ethylbenzene an active coke, formed in the course of the reaction, is the catalytically active material.
(13) The results show that the main compounds which impact the color stability of the catalytically cracked diesel oil produced from SINOPEC Changling Company. are various.
(14) Based on the physical model that an oxide or a passive film is self-repaired and metal dissolves self- catalytically , a mathematical model for metal's dissolution current is set up.
(15) At last, various means of treatment have been proposed for improving the color stability of catalytically cracked diesel oil, and generally compared them with each other.
(16) A continuous process to upgrade low-octane virgin, thermal, or heavy catalytically cracked naphthas into high-octane components for motor or aviation fuel blending or petrochemical usage.
(17) In hot cleaning of producer gas of biomass gasification, Ammonia, the trace contaminant, is decomposed to nitrogen and hydrogen catalytically.
(18) The in-situ formed Pd(0) was efficiently converted to the catalytically active Pd(II) species by benzoquinone in HOAc.
(19) In the process of preparation of carbon nanotubes(CNTs) by chemical vapor deposition(CVD), bamboo-structured CNTs can be catalytically synthesized from nitric gas environment.
(20) ITQ - 27 is stable to calcination in air , absorbs hydrocarbons , and is catalytically active for hydrocarbon conversion.
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