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Autocatalytic in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2018-01-19Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: catalyticcatalytic converteranalyticparalyticanalyticsanalyticalanalyticallyautocarMeaning: adj. relating to or proceeding by autocatalysis. 
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1. B from the family of boron have autocatalytic effect.
2. The NO oxidation is autocatalytic.
3. The CNI process is an Autocatalytic Nickel bath process.
4. The kinetics of the first order autocatalytic decomposition reaction of nitrocellulose (NC, 11.92%N) was studied by using DSC.
5. When an autocatalytic meta is in contact with the substrate metal in the bath, a sudden decrease of stationary potential is observed.
6. The reactions are autocatalytic and quickly send the cell into thermal runaway where It'self destructs.
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7. Autocatalytic reaction-diffusion chaotic systems are taken as the nodes of the network, and simulation results show the effectiveness of the method.
8. Autocatalytic reaction-diffusion chaotic system is taken as an example to verify the effectiveness of the controller.
9. A bimolecular autocatalytic reaction model which can lead to chemical oscillations and multistability phenomena is presented.
10. The autocatalytic creation of niches is thus a main driver of economic growth.
11. More such collectively autocatalytic sets can evolve to novel sets so evolution can occur.
12. A capsule that disassembles and then reassembles around two independent autocatalytic sets engages in the emergent function called self-reproduction.
13. In “The Origins of Order” I describe the emergence of a connected catalyzed set of metabolic reactions to support the autocatalytic set.
14. We can expect any sufficiently complex set of catalytic polymers to be collectively autocatalytic .
15. More recently Gerald Joyce at Scripps has reported experiments in which two RNA sequences form collectively autocatalytic sets, each catalyzing the ligation of fragments that form the other.
16. A numerical simulation method is presented to compute kinetic parameters of the first order autocatalytic decomposition (FOACD) of nitrocellulose (NC).
17. By using this method, a synthetic data matrix for an autocatalytic reaction with two intermediates has been successfully resolved.
18. The activation energy of the resin system was estimated by the isoconversional method. The reaction mechanism was assumed to subject to an autocatalytic equation.
19. Climacteric ripening is characterized by an upsurge in the respiration rate accompanying an autocatalytic ethylene production peak during fruit ripening.
20. But I didn't know how to proceed any further until I saw Walter Fontana's work with autocatalytic sets, which is gorgeous.
21. The invention also discloses a system for preparing dichloropropanol by the autocatalytic reaction of glycerol and hydrogen chloride gas.
22. Using such libraries, it should soon be possible to test whether collectively autocatalytic sets arise as diversity of the molecular system is increased.
23. The core idea in my own theory of the emergence of collectively autocatalytic sets is simple and involves what is called a phase transition in a “random graph”.
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