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Capital gain in a sentence

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Similar words: capital gainscapitalcapitalismseed capitalcapitalistcapitalizehuman capitalper capita incomeMeaning: n. the amount by which the selling price of an asset exceeds the purchase price; the gain is realized when the asset is sold. 
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1. The $ 200, 000 capital gain is illusory, reflecting the change in the overall price level since 1962.
2. The assumption made is that the capital gain or loss occurs evenly over the remaining life of the bond.
3. The exchange should result in a capital gain for Axa.
4. Quotes warming, capital gain, speculative at Wuhan Iron and Steel shares again on the full deduction.
5. It is a tendency to collect capital gain tax in the long run.
6. By eliminating this technique to raise cash without realizing a capital gain, the Treasury proposes to force investors to pay up.
7. And, as gilt prices rise when interest rates fall, you should also be sure of a capital gain.
8. The stockholders' expected rate of return has two components-an expected dividend yield and an expected capital gain.
9. Clearly, if the return is constant, then the higher the income element, the lower the capital gain and viceversa.
10. Similarly, a fall in the rate of interest means a potential capital gain for investors.
11. Capital gains tax Here a tax is imposed when individuals part with an asset and make a capital gain on it.
12. As most of the privatisation issues are sold at a discount, there is usually a substantial capital gain to be made.
13. It is reported that China has no plan to impose capital gain tax.
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14. Except otherwise stated, performance does take into account of reinvestments and capital gain or loss.
15. Current yield increased or decreased to take account of the capital gain or loss on redemption.
16. A new class of fix-up vagabonds has emerged to move into houses, fix them up, sell them for a substantial tax-free capital gain, and move on to a more expensive house to repeat the process.
17. For the investors who had bought the bond, the capital gain would have been quite significant.
18. Higher payout ratio and more bonus stocks will make the price of the shares higher and will bring considerable capital gain.
19. The method of how to set up a financial objective system for maximal capital gain and operation strategy system in capital operation is also discussed.
20. The practice of buying gilt-edged securities after they have gone ex-dividend and selling them cum-dividend, thus transforming the interest return into capital gain.
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