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Arbitrarily in a sentence

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Similar words: arbitraryarbitragearbitratearbitratorarbitrationtemporarilyextraordinarilyarbiterMeaning: adv. in a random manner. 
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1. The leaders of the groups were chosen arbitrarily.
2. The victims were not chosen arbitrarily.
3. The political frontiers in Africa were often arbitrarily drawn up by the old colonial powers.
4. Enterprise zones altered arbitrarily the relative locational advantage of firms inside and outside their perimeter.
5. It can not arbitrarily select the member state in which the parties to the merger have their highest market share.
6. Across occupations, pension ages vary arbitrarily and do not show any systematic relationship to individual skills or preferences.
7. I arbitrarily suggested percentages of liability, putting the greatest percentage on the emergency-room corporation because it had the greatest exposure.
8. We have arbitrarily grouped them in three categories: Many of these methods can be used in combination.
9. The 113-year-old international date line was drawn arbitrarily and designed to avoid touching land.
10. Congenital syphilis is arbitrarily divided into early and late stages with the dividing line at two years of age.
11. However, the conversion of these was done rather arbitrarily, and some people won extra years while others lost.
12. We made the decision to go to Italy quite arbitrarily.
13. Once the aim is fixed, we should not change it arbitrarily.
14. Regarded with suspicion by the police, such tribals are often arrested arbitrarily, tortured and stripped of their civil rights.
15. As in other situations, the general duty not to act arbitrarily or capriciously will apply.
16. Be it in a mousetrap or an atomic detector, the right kind of trip-lever can always trigger an arbitrarily large effect.
17. Up on the plain the driver appears to move arbitrarily between barely visible tracks.
18. The people who made these images of divine beings and snakes did not do so arbitrarily.
19. The grammar of the language can be used to restrict word combinations because they do not combine arbitrarily to form sentences.
20. This is especially dangerous in a region where political frontiers, arbitrarily drawn by old colonial powers,( divide the tribes.
21. How effective is this constitutional structure of the company in ensuring that directors do not use their powers arbitrarily?
22. Throughout her life she operated on the fruitful margin that arbitrarily separates the statutory from the voluntary body.
23. The objective was to use a relatively small fission device to trigger-off a thermonuclear reaction of arbitrarily large yield.
23. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
24. The lower limits of normal for serum uric acid are arbitrarily defined and may vary from one lab to another.
25. Although there is a growing literature on prisons, prison research arbitrarily stops at the prison gates.
26. Look at Figure 6. At the three corners of the triangle are three arbitrarily chosen biomorphs.
27. If this were the case we could avoid having to examine each device to arbitrarily high accuracy.
28. The heads of Great Groups have to act decisively, but never arbitrarily.
29. This is an awesome power that, even when exercised arbitrarily, will be immune from judicial review.
30. In the author's view the Lucas supply function comprises an arbitrarily concocted mishmash of conjectures and suppositions.
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