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Arbitrage in a sentence

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Sentence count:103Posted:2017-06-07Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: arbitratearbitraryarbitratorarbitrationarbiteroutrageoutragedtragedyMeaning: [‚ɑːbɪ'trɑːʒ]  n. a kind of hedged investment meant to capture slight differences in price; when there is a difference in the price of something on two different markets the arbitrageur simultaneously buys at the lower price and sells at the higher price. v. practice arbitrage, as in the stock market. 
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1. Index arbitrage is used to gain risk-free profits from short-term differences in the price of the index futures and the underlying shares.
2. So to avoid significant arbitrage profits, the futures and spot prices must converge.
3. This arbitrage opportunity raises the attractiveness of sterling and reduces the attractiveness of dollars.
4. Over time, these arbitrage profits have become riskier, and their average size has declined.
5. He examined whether a mispricing triggered index arbitrage transactions within a few minutes.
6. As well as searching for arbitrage opportunities, computers can also be used to initiate programme trades.
7. Arbitrage restores the no-arbitrage condition by increasing the demand for the underpriced asset and increasing the supply of the overpriced asset.
8. The justification for this assumption is that the arbitrage transaction is riskless, and so repayment is guaranteed.
9. In Chapter 6 the variant known as the arbitrage pricing model will be presented.
10. After allowing for transactions costs, he concluded that very few arbitrage opportunities remained.
11. Provided the futures price lies somewhere within this band, no arbitrage opportunities exist.
12. They fear an end to the open outcry system and a lack of arbitrage opportunities on the new system.
13. Our investors always took risk; high-wire act would have been more accurate than arbitrage.
14. Markets typically include a provision for resolving disagreements by returning the product or through arbitrage in other cases.
14. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
15. This will result in an unpredictable profit or loss, in addition to the certain arbitrage profit that motivated the trade.
16. If the actual sterling-dollar exchange rate differs from 2.00, then an arbitrage opportunity exists.
17. When they allowed for four different levels of transactions costs, they concluded that many potential opportunities for profitable arbitrage remained.
18. Many previous studies have assumed that it is possible to establish an arbitrage position at the prices used to compute the mispricing.
19. This price change will produce a matching change in the weights of an arbitrage portfolio.
20. Finally, the management of the fund may be unfamiliar with futures trading, and be cautious about engaging in arbitrage transactions.
21. It is a disequilibrium situation which can not survive as it offers investors a profitable arbitrage opportunity.
22. Tokyo stocks rose Tuesday to finish at their highs, pushed up by index-linked and arbitrage buying.
23. Some estimates of the round-trip transactions costs involved in stock index arbitrage are set out in Table 5.1.
24. The most important form of programme trading is the buying and selling of shares as part of index arbitrage.
25. He rejected stale prices as a cause, but found some support for arbitrage risk as an explanation of mispricing.
26. This delayed cash flow will alter the net present value of an arbitrage transaction which involves buying shares.
27. The weakest test of conformity with the no-arbitrage condition uses the bounds set by the transactions costs of arbitrage.
28. It is also possible that the shares chosen for inclusion in the arbitrage portfolio are those which have a high price elasticity.
29. The introduction of a trading lag of half a day reduced, but did not eliminate, these arbitrage profits.
30. There are two types of programme trading - index arbitrage and portfolio insurance.
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