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Algebraic in a sentence

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Sentence count:226Posted:2017-12-07Updated:2017-12-07
Similar words: algebraicalalgebraic sumalgebraic expressionalgebraage bracketforebrainharebrainedalgesiaMeaning: [‚ældʒə'breɪɪk]  adj. of or relating to algebra. 
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1. We see how algebraic laws allow us to give a precise and succinct description of each operator.
2. We then obtain n - 2 linear algebraic equations for the n - 2 unknowns pi.
3. The algebraic approach to programming language semantics has several features to recommend it.
4. Algebraic laws alone only allow us to prove one occam program equal to another.
5. The matrix theory is presented in classical algebraic form with no recourse to the notions and nomenclature of vector space theory.
6. Latin abbreviations, algebraic symbols, contractions of words and personal inventions can all be used.
7. Somewhat more satisfactory would be to consider the algebraic numbers those complex numbers which are solutions of algebraic equations with integer coefficients.
8. The algebraic laws thus yield an algebraic semantics for occam that is isomorphic to our chosen denotational semantics.
9. Purely algebraic methods for computing the sensitivity of linear algebraic system have been proven to be simple and effective in the frequency domain.
10. This paper studies algebraic modeling of discrete time series.
11. This paper discusses algebraic specification technology and its automatic transformation into PROLOG.
12. A new algebraic method of balancing redox reaction formulas is introduced.
13. The subject was set upon firm foundations around 1930 by Emmy Noether and van der Waerden using an abstract algebraic approach.
14. The underlying assumption of the project is that certain computer-based experiences can help pupils bridge the gap between arithmetical and algebraic thinking.
15. This does not present the same barrier to pupils use of algebraic ideas within computer programming environments.
16. In algebra they developed a concept of polynomials and pioneered an algebraic geometry that has traditionally been ascribed to Descartes.
17. First[], consider the problem of finding integer solutions of systems of algebraic equations with integer coefficients.
18. The problem of solving large deflection plate by the variational method is changed into that of solving systems of cubic algebraic equations with multi-unknown quantities.
19. The third type im-proper integral can be written as the algebraic sum of the first and second type integrals.
20. It is firstly pointed out that unknown input appearing in measurement can be eliminated by a simple algebraic transformation.
20. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
21. Since the coefficient of the new polynomial is too complicate to calculate directly, we introduce a linear operator and study the algebraic properties of it.
22. The existence of congruence relation between them was proved by constructing the corresponding algebraic system respectively.
23. Moreover, multivariate splines also have certain relations with pure mathematics, such as, abstract algebra, algebraic geometry combinatorics and so forth.
24. This paper analyzes the general protection mechanisms for ASON and provides for each of them an algebraic formula for the availability analysis.
25. This unconstrained optimization problem may be transformed into nonlinear algebraic system of equations.
26. Ritt-Wu's method of characteristic sets is an effective method to solve algebraic equations by computer, while one cannot get the multiplicity of an isolated solution by this method so far.
27. In the past, there were many methods or handling the acidity such as algebraic method and logarithmic graph method.
28. The conditions of one family of planar quintic polynomial differential system which(possesses) a quintic algebraic invariant curve are presented.
29. A conjugate gradient iterative procedure was used to solve the algebraic problems arising from those two approximate schemes.
30. I still can not perform the calculation in this algebraic expression.
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