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Palpebral in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-08-10Updated:2017-08-10
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1. Objective To evaluate the therapeutic effect of anterior palpebral layer retropulsion for severe or recurrent upper eyelid trichiasis.
2. This face has a narrow palpebral height angulated and square-shaped mandible protruding cheek and fuller lips compared with the average Caucasian face.
3. Brothers, palpebral oedema: Commonner, weight of a few patient increases significantly, formfitting at ordinary times dress becomes close narrow unwell.
4. Can be palpebral prolapse treated completely?
5. K14 was mainly in the epithelial layer of palpebral mucocutaneous junction and palpebral conjunctiva.
6. Palpebral subcutaneous anodynia round mass with different sizes.
7. Objective To observe the prevention effects of hollowed palpebral and bulbar conjunctiva isolate to the atretoblepharia.
8. The width of bilateral palpebral fissures and exophthalmus were measured respectively for the patients wearing two types of prosthesis, the horizontal excursions were evaluated meanwhile.
9. No separation palpebral conjunctiva from eyeball happened following by levator muscle resection, while it was found after frontalis muscle-fascial flap procedure frequently.
10. Then the degree of exophthalmus and width of palpebral fissure in two groups were measured and their symptoms and ocular signs were observed before and after treatment.
10. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
11. Seek advice from heal of palpebral and flagging operation. Charge probably?
12. Bosom of bazoo of palpebral plastics, grand, grand, model suction fat, change face art to wait, even if is same and phyletic plastic, also have a few kinds of different art type.
13. The skin can have palpebral convulsion after erosion agent and eye contact, conjunctiva oedema, hyperaemia, serious person for corneal ulcer.
14. Palpebral subcutaneous round mass with different sizes.
15. Pouch highlights pouch sockdolager to issue palpebral prolapse, adipose accumulation, make person age feeling rises, lack vitality.
16. During the corneal tonometry it is very difficult to prevent the increasing of orbicular and palpebral muscles tone at the moment of measuring in reactive patients, that leads to IOP increasing.
17. Conjunctival injury: contusion to the eye, mainly in the palpebral fissure Department of subconjunctival hemorrhage, edema.
18. Objective To discuss the best operation method of epicanthic type epicanthus which palpebral fissure is shorter than normal value.
19. There was no mortality. Conclusion Treatment of cavernous sinus thrombophlebitis via superior palpebral vein pathway is a safe and simple method that can reduce disability and mortality.
20. Objective : To investigate the excision technique of pigmented nevus at palpebral margin.
21. Because the small eye syndrome after both natural wide palpebral fissure, epicanthus harsh, and often widened inner canthal distance mergers and ptosis, so surgery will take several times to stop.
22. Results: PCNA and P63 staining showed similar expression pattern, mainly in the deep layer nucleus of palpebral mucocutaneous junction and the rim of cornea.
23. If pathogenic bacteria noxiousness is acuteness, did not wear outwards in purulent fluid before defeating, inflammation already diffused, encroach whole eyelid board and form palpebral abscess.
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