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HDLC in a sentence

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1. Most framing is based on the HDLC standard.
2. The HDLC Protocol Controller can be used as a D-channel interface in a digital line card comprised of multiple DNICs.
3. In this paper, based on HDLC protocols, we propose a novel interface scheme to deal with section overhead (SOH) in data communication channel (DCC), which is used in SDH processors development.
4. In high-level data link control ( HDLC ), the part of a data station that executes data link control functions as instructed by the primary.
5. Objective: To study the association between the ratio of serum triglyceride to high density lipoprotein cholesterol(TG/HDLC) and macrovascular complications in aged type 2 diabetes in Quanzhou.
6. LAPB, a bit-oriented protocol derived from HDLC, is actually the HDLC in BAC (Balanced Asynchronous Class) mode.
7. Introduces the protocol of data link based on HDLC and the realization by using VB language. The protocol is used to realize the credible communication between singlechip and PC.
8. PPP is more robust than HDLC because it provides a mechanism for authentication and negotiation of compatible link and protocol configuration.
9. In 1979, the ISO agreed on HDLC as a standard bit-oriented data link layer protocol that encapsulates data on synchronous serial data links.
10. HDLC defines a Layer 2 framing structure that allows for flow control and error control using acknowledgments and a windowing scheme.
11. HDLC uses synchronous serial transmission providing error-free communication between two points.
12. In this mode, the information is carried in frame format, using either high-level data link control (HDLC) or PPP as the Layer 2 protocol.
13. In high level data link control ( HDLC ), the part of data station that supports the primary control functions of the data link, generates commands for transmission, and interprets received responses.
14. Hardware HDLC : Handling the HDLC framing in hardware on the card relieves the PC of framing, bit-stuffing and CRC loads.
15. Also analyses the difference between the applying data link protocol and HDLC and explain detailedly the function and content of each part of the frame.
16. The full-duplex data communication between two persnal computer installed with the multilink software and HDLC card shows that the system is very reliable.
17. Implementation and design of communication controller and software of HDLC protocol are presented in this paper.
18. When the master slave multipoint synchronous communication mode is chasen,[] the operation and frame format comply with HDLC/SDLC protocol.
19. The data communication is basically accomplished through the driving of bottom layer with the mode of double-frame transparent transmission for PEB2260-N and HDLC data transmission for MPC860.
20. In this paper, CRC verification module and '0' insert module based on FPGA as the most important function module in the HDLC protocol are introduced.
21. In order to improve the work efficiency of protocol, with reference to the implementing method of HDLC protocol, the software model and the design concept of VDL M2 protocol stack were proposed.
22. The Frame Relay frame is a subset of the HDLC frame type. Therefore it is delimited with flag fields.
23. If the serial interface is configured with another encapsulation protocol, and the encapsulation must be changed back to HDLC, enter the interface configuration mode of the serial interface.
24. The basic structure and working principle of the S3C4510B HDLC module is introduced. The basic design thinking and concrete implementation of the S3C4510B HDLC controller driver is presented.
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