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Fusarium in a sentence

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1. Fusarium was isolated from most of the rotten cycad varieties.
2. Fusarium spp. and Sporotrichum spp...It was also found that except the P. bolleana, the moisture of the phloem of the other three trees were higher than the healthy ones in Ningxia.
3. Fusarium and Curvularia are the predominant pathogens of mycotic keratitis in Zhanjiang district.
4. Crotalaria Fusarium wilt is a destructive and soil-borne disease.
5. Fusarium head blight (FHB) is one of the most destructive diseases of barley in the world.
6. Stripe rust, powdery mildew and Fusarium head blight(FHB) are major wheat diseases in China and all around the world.
7. Genes controlling maize ear rot resistance to Fusarium moniliform were at least 5 pairs by Estimating Least Gene Number method by Yu-Hua Ma.
8. Leaf mould was attacked by Fusarium nival , and had effect on perennial ryegrass's leaves and tillers, leading turf to become sparse.
9. The fusarium wilt disease strain was inoculated and cultured in the modified Richard's liquid medium.
10. It could come to a conclusion that induced systemic resistance was one of biocontrol mechanisms combined with the control efficiencies of Bacillus subtilis B29 to cucumber Fusarium wilt disease.
11. The result showed that there was no difference in the patterns of POD isozyme of Fusarium oxysporum from cucumber. There were 3 main POD isozyme bands and their Rfs were 0.04[], 0.20 and 0.33.
12. Integrated with case-based reasoning(CBR) and Adaptive Resonance Theory-Kohonen Neural Network(ART-KNN), a Cucumber Fusarium Wilt(CFW) intelligent forecast method was proposed in this paper.
13. Therefore, it is the main contents of research on Fusarium head blight (FHB) to dig out and locate new resistance gene. There is rich resistant germplasm in intraspecific and extraspecific of wheat.
14. The beet root rot disease which is caused by Fusarium is one of the main reasons that causes the beet root tuber rot.
15. Fumonisin B1 is a mycotoxin produced by the fungus Fusarium moniliforme, one of the major species found in corn.
16. Any of various plant diseases usually caused by fungi of the genus Fusarium or viruses of the genus Chlorogenus and characterized by yellow or yellowish discoloration.
17. Fig. 4. Symptom of stem blight of horse-tail45 days after inoculated with spore suspension of Fusarium oxysporum. Left: uninoculated, right: inoculated.
18. Fusarium head blight (FHB) is a worldwide devastating disease of wheat, barley and other small grain cereals and caused primarily by Fusarium graminearum.
19. Brevibacillus brevis JK-2 isolated from the soil was studied for its biocontrol effect and inhibition against the pathogen of tomato Fusarium wilt.
20. The effect of extract from root of Tagetes patula on watermelon Fusarium oxysporum and watermelon seedling was primarily studied.
21. Fusarium Wilt is the main disease of the watermelon. The experimenter selects three fungicides try an experiment on Fusarium Wilt.
22. It provided new efficient antagonistic strains against the cucumber Fusarium wilt and green pepper Phytophthora
23. Fusarin C (FC) is a mutagenic and carcinogenic mycotoxin which was isolated from Fusarium monitiforme culture extracts.
24. Quarantining FOC 4 is the key method to avoid banana fusarium wilt spreading.
25. The results are as follows:1. The causal agent was identified as Fusarium proliferatum for the first time in China.
26. The biocontrol effects of different bacteria on soybean root rot pathogen(Pythium aphanidermatum and Fusarium oxysporum) and Heterodera glycines were tested.
27. The result showed there was the resistance to spread as well as to initial infection of Fusarium head blight in barley.
28. The contaminant mould in wort preparation process of barley mainly include Fusarium, aspergillus fumigatus and rhizopus.
29. In order to observe the efficacy of ozone water in killing Fusarium moniliforme and Aspergillus fumigatus, suspension quantitative germicidal test was used to carry out experimental study.
30. In field test it showed that the fungal strains had good antagonism against Rehmannia Fusarium Wilt. The control effect of T19 fungal strains mixture was 48.97%.
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