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Triumphal in a sentence

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Synonym: exultantexultingjubilantpridefulrejoicingtriumphantSimilar words: triumphanttriumphantlytriumphtriumvirateemphasisemphasizeemphaticdeliriumMeaning: [traɪ'ʌmfl] adj. 1. relating to or celebrating a triumph 2. joyful and proud especially because of triumph or success. random good picture
1. The soldiers were making a triumphal march through the city.
2. Shortly after his triumphal entry into Havana in January 1959, Castro spoke on television for seven hours without a break.
3. This huge triumphal arch was erected at the beginning of this century.
4. He made a triumphal entry into the city.
5. Her popularity has declined since her triumphal return from exile two years ago.
6. Twelve roads radiate from the Triumphal Arch.
7. He made his triumphal entry into Mexico City.
8. But it was the Triumphal Arch at the end of the reflecting pool that drew the most admiring exclamations.
9. Inside, the transept opens behind a triumphal arch which frames the apse with its altar.
10. You will note that the triumphal arch meets the traveller straight off the Charles Bridge.
11. The trio was given a triumphal parade up Broadway, followed by a reception at city hall.
12. The triumphal arch or, as it was earlier called the monumental arch, is the most typical of all the forms.
13. The general was given a triumphal parade up Broadway.
14. She made that quite clear: it was a triumphal return, although what the triumph was, was not vouchsafed.
15. It was built as a triumphal arch for King Matthias in 1614.
16. Poets wrote triumphal odes for victors at all these games, conferring immortality on them.
17. Apart from the interior triumphal arch, which is pointed, the other arches are semi-circular.
18. Other Roman remains include the public baths and triumphal arch of Augustus.
19. His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, for example, represents an attempt to conform to one of them.
20. On that day, Mobutu made a triumphal return from four months of convalescence abroad after prostate cancer surgery.
21. His arrival for the inaugural ceremonies would be triumphal.
22. Visit Triumphal arch, Avenue des Champs Elysees, la Place de la Concordevisit the opera and sightsee in the downtown of Paris.
23. Have you been to the Triumphal Arch?
24. It includes drawings for wall decorations, tapestries, silverware, stage designs and even a triumphal car.
25. Entering the village was like passing under an invisible triumphal arch, quite splendid.
26. The last element to be added was the magnificent triumphal arch at the entrance from the Piazza del Duomo.
27. When we observed the centennial of these events 50 years ago, the tone of the public celebrations was triumphal.
27. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
28. But troops loyal to the general foiled the attempt and he emerged with his customary grin and triumphal air-punching.
29. When Castro visited this country in the spring his journey had aspects of a triumphal process.
30. It usually spanned a street or roadway and was built astride the line of march of a victorious army during its triumphal procession.
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