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Cerium in a sentence

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Sentence count:54Posted:2018-02-06Updated:2018-05-25
Similar words: imperiumdeuteriumbacteriumpuerperiummagisteriumperichondriumcuriumatriumMeaning: n. a ductile grey metallic element of the lanthanide series; used in lighter flints; the most abundant of the rare-earth group. 
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1. Cerium :Chemical element, a rare earth metal of the lanthanide series (hence having many properties of the transition elements), chemical symbol Ce, atomic number 58.
2. Yttrium aluminum garnet doped by cerium ( YAG ∶ Ce ), is prepared by high temperatu re solid reaction.
3. CONTENT The effects of cerium on the cell survival of the human bladder carcinoma cell line EJ and the fibrosarcoma HT-1080, the expression and activity of their MMP-9 were observed.
4. No cerium deposits are observed in the cell.
5. Cerium nitrate acted as nucleation agent and accelerator in whole phosphating process of aluminum alloy.
6. Cerium dioxide ultrafine powder is prepared by electrochemical method using composite coating of In-Ru-Ir as anode, cerous nitrate and ammonium nitrate as electrolyte.
7. It was revealed that the formation of cerium conversion coatings involves a chemical dissolution process of anodized film and an electroreduction process of 4 valent state cerium compound.
8. Effect of cerium on solidification segregation of RE in Hastelloy C 4 alloy has been investigated.
9. The cerium as solid solute in steel is inclined to collect about cerium carbide.
10. Cerium - tungsten and AIN ceramics pieces with high density were obtained by the hollow cathode plasma sintering.
11. Especially,[] the effect while adding EDTA and cerium nitrate to prepare rodlike and linear strontium carbonate particles respectively was the best.
12. For the preparation of CeO2 nanoparticles, cerium nitrate and azodicarbonamide were used as starting materials and other materials were used as additives.
13. The oxygen absorption sites of the cerium oxide are preferably obstructed by a site obstructing factor.
14. The influence of cerium on depletion layer of the surface of Al Li alloys and the influence of the depletion layer on the corrosion morphology of the alloys were studied.
15. Description: Cerium Hydroxide is insoluble in water and soluble in strong acid.
16. The technology for the preparation of ammonium cerium nitrate is studied.
17. Description: Cerium Acetate is soluble in water.
18. The cerium oxide preferably has a fluorite type superlattice structure.
19. The cerium salt conversion film were formed on zinc plating coating by immersion treatment.
20. The solubility of the precursor ceric hydroxide in nitric acid, recycle of crystal mother liquor of ammonium ceric hydroxide, and recovery method for cerium in mother liquor have been investigated.
21. The prototype, which was devised by researchers in the US and Switzerland, uses a quartz window and cavity to concentrate sunlight into a cylinder lined with cerium oxide, also known as ceria.
22. Wool wheel installed in the last mounted wheel is usually used with polishing powder ( cerium oxide ).
23. This paper has investigated the analysis of different valence states of cerium in ceric hydroxide by titration.
24. A lustrous, blackish - brown rare earth mineral consisting primarily of cerium , erbium , titanium , uranium, and yttrium.
25. The results show that the precipitation with the lower cerium content is mainly composed of lamellar structure, although some particles were also observed.
26. Ceria and ammonium meta vanadate were selected as the feedstock, with microwave heating cerium vanadate was obtained in short time.
27. The invention discloses a co-precipitation method for preparing rare earth cerium ion-doped yttrium aluminum garnet fluorescent powder and relates to fluorescent powder.
28. A novel solid complex of gelatin hydrolysate and cerous chloride was synthesized successfully, and the complex reaction between gelatin hydrolysate and rare earth cerium was verified by FT-IR.
29. The heating mechanism of hollow cathode effect plasma sintering cerium - tungsten alloy adobes are researched.
30. However, 10% of it was a reddish-brown mineral called bastnaesite—a phenomenally rich source (by rare-earth standards) of cerium, lanthanum, neodymium and other members of the lanthanide family.
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