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Thorium in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2018-02-06Updated:2018-05-25
Similar words: emporiumsensoriumauditoriumnatatoriumsanatoriummoratoriumcrematoriumscriptoriumMeaning: n. a soft silvery-white tetravalent radioactive metallic element; isotope 232 is used as a power source in nuclear reactors; occurs in thorite and in monazite sands. 
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1. The Thorium versus Potassium cross-plot confirms illite as being the main clay and kaolinite as the secondary clay mineral.
2. Uranium and thorium entered lay vocabularies even as world markets for them were spawned.
3. Of these, uranium and thorium can be used to generate power in nuclear reactors.
4. This is clearly confirmed by the detection of thorium.
5. Thorium Setting only requires 2 thorium bars now.
6. A few elements, among them uranium and thorium, spontaneously disintegrate into lighter elements by chances.
7. The General situation on spectrophotometric analysis of thorium recently is summarized. Conventional spectrophotometry and fluorophotometry are involved. References of 59 are quoted.
8. Thorium Shells are now green at 300 Engineering ( was orange at 300 eng . before this patch ).
9. The calculations show that thorium based fuel has similar behavior as uranium fuel has in PWRs.
10. Compared to uranium, thorium is far more abundant as as much more energy - dense.
11. The addition of thorium promoted the chain propagation at low reaction temperature, but had little effect on methane selectivity and light hydrocarbon.
12. Invention requirements on Thorium Charge S have been changed to Quantum and Plasma Physics datacores.
13. Asteroids contain a variety of rare radioactive isotopes of potassium, uranium, thorium, rubidium, and so on.
14. Among the refractory materials found in the lunar samples are refractory compounds of uranium and thorium.
15. It is located throughout the grains of minerals that contain traces of uranium and thorium, not on grain surfaces.
16. Helium is also made by radioactive decay of uranium and thorium, both of which decay by emission of alpha particles.
17. To get the most out of the mined uranium and thorium, they must be cycled through breeder reactors.
18. Lanthanum - tungsten electrode is the substitution product of thorium - tungsten electrode because of its freedom from radioactivity.
19. As this lava began to crystallize, it would have differentiated to produce a more silicic melt that was enriched in thorium.
20. Processing the risk of radiation leaks , and disposing the radioactive thorium is difficult and costly.
21. Sorensen estimates that between 5, 000-6, 000 tonnes of thorium could produce as much energy as the world currently consumes each year.
22. This paper describes a rapid method for the separation and determination of microgram amounts of scandium and thorium.
23. This review covers the new development of spectrophotometric determination of thorium since the 1980's.
24. Followed by the slow decomposition of uranium to another element thorium.
25. There are a number of different ways to use thorium to produce electricity.
26. The above results indicated that malignant transformation of golden hamster embryo cells was directly induced by thorium dioxide in vitro.
27. There are three naturally occurring radioactive series - the thorium series, the actinium series, and the uranium series.
28. The colour reaction of the reagents with bismuth, rare earth and thorium have also been studied.
28. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
29. Right now, the quest require you to bring 4 x [ Arcanite Converter ] and 2 x [ Thorium Widget ].
30. The use of thoria (thorium dioxide) as an agent was rapidly stopped as thorium causes liver cancer.
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