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Yttrium in a sentence

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Similar words: triumphtriumphaltriumphanttriumviratetriumphantlyimperiumdeliriumaquariumMeaning: n. a silvery metallic element that is common in rare-earth minerals; used in magnesium and aluminum alloys. 
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1. Yttrium aluminum garnet doped by cerium ( YAG ∶ Ce ), is prepared by high temperatu re solid reaction.
2. Yttrium oxide Numerator formula: Y 2 O 3 Description: white powder.
3. Yttrium serves as an ideal non - magnetic diluent for the rare - earth metals.
4. To construct a anti dodecane tertraacetic acid yttrium ( DOTA Y ) immune Fab phage antibody library.
5. The mentioned technology can be used for producing yttrium concentrate from ore leaching liquor.
6. We can measure the contents of yttrium with EDTA standard solution titration.
7. The formulas of quantity of yttrium addition to liquid iron and the relationship for inclusion control are given.
8. Inorgano phosphor with a red x ( yttrium oxide), yellow-green (zinc sulfide), blue (sulfuration AG), and so on.
9. Uses: Used as the raw material of yttrium oxide.
10. The study and kinetics of PVC heat stabilizer yttrium stearate by saponifying method was carried out.
11. Methods Effects of yttrium chloride and praseodymium chloride on human lymphocytes cultured in vitro were studied by micronucleus test.
12. This is the GaN LED chip and Yttrium Aluminum Garnet ( YAG ) package together cause.
13. It suggests that rare-earth elements yttrium and praseodymium have certain genotoxicity.
14. We have now used the general approach in refs 2 and 3 to place yttrium carbine into nanotubes.
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15. Both results suggest that the nanotubes are filled with yttrium carbide crystals, and contain no yttrium metal or yttrium oxide.
16. A detailed analysis of intensity of IR bands showed that the position of yttrium is situated between erbium and thulium.
17. A trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group, it could occurs with yttrium.
18. Yttrium Aluminum Garnet laser ceramics is an ideal material substitute for Yttrium Aluminum Garnet laser single crystal because of its excellent properties.
19. A lustrous, blackish - brown rare earth mineral consisting primarily of cerium , erbium , titanium , uranium, and yttrium.
20. The matrix matching method was used to eliminate matrix interference and the content of 19 elements in yttrium metal was determined.
21. His other trick is to boost the output power of the lasing material, neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet.
22. The invention discloses a co-precipitation method for preparing rare earth cerium ion-doped yttrium aluminum garnet fluorescent powder and relates to fluorescent powder.
23. The five minerals are medium and heavy rare earth elements of which China mines an estimated 96 percent to 99.8 percent of the world's supply: dysprosium, terbium, neodymium, europium and yttrium.
24. The Oxides, Salts and Metal of the Lanthanum, Cerium, Praseodymium, Neodymium, Samarium, Europium, Gadolinium, Terbium, Dysprosium , Holmium, Erbium, Thulium, Ytterbium, Lutetium, Yttrium, Scandium.
25. The effect of DNA damage in human lymphocytes induced by yttrium chloride and praseodymium chloride was detected using SCG assay.
26. Surface modification treatment on pure magnesium was conducted at 400 ℃ by vacuum solid zinc - yttrium co - diffusing.
27. It is a good reference to the application of yttrium vanadate prisms.
28. Combining X - ray diffraction and SEM - EDX observation, the state analysis method of yttrium in steel was established.
29. The influence of ion implantation on the superconductivities of Yttrium - based and Bi - based superconductors is described.
30. AIM : To construct a anti dodecane tertraacetic acid yttrium ( DOTA Y ) immune Fab phage antibody library.
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