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Delirium in a sentence

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Sentence count:64Posted:2017-03-02Updated:2017-03-02
Synonym: crazefrenzyfuryhysteriaSimilar words: delirioustriumphaquariumterrariumopprobriumauditoriumplanetariumequilibriumMeaning: [dɪ'lɪrɪəm] n. 1. state of violent mental agitation 2. a usually brief state of excitement and mental confusion often accompanied by hallucinations. 
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1 Before she died she had fits of delirium.
2 He mumbled in delirium all night.
3 In her delirium, she had fallen to the floor several times.
4 Mild, persistent delirium, not as violent as in Belladonna restless with laborious dreams, muttering delirium.
5 There are a few touches of delirium in Lecercle's text itself, as he would certainly be delighted to admit.
6 And in the delirium of recognising her power she felt protected, safe in his arms.
7 I watch as the convulsions subside, the delirium leaves his eyes and he returns, slightly dazed, to normality.
8 Scorsese's catches the delirium of Henry's formative years with mesmerising verve.
9 A warehouse for the furnishings of consumer delirium.
10 Later that day she was hospitalized in a delirium brought on by polio.
11 I went to him. In his delirium, he had drunk several potholes dry, and was dead.
12 Others had talked in delirium or expressed fears to each other.
13 She had been almost in delirium,( consumed with an animal desire.
14 With the noise came a delirium.
15 The win brought on delirium among the fans.
16 Delirium with nightly attach most importance to, main show is recognizant obstacle and excitement of incongruous spirit motility, if accompany high fever, can endanger life.
17 Later, mental abnormalities may include nervousness, depression, and delirium.
18 Love is not altogether a delirium, yet it has many points in common therewith.
19 Objective To investigate the characteristics of delirium after cerebral infarction in elderly demented patients.
20 The postoperative delirium was recorded and the influential factors were analyzed.
21 Oh, how oppressive this continual delirium is.
22 Helpers approaching have sometimes been bitten or attacked wildly in the delirium that follows and which may last as long as twelve tormented hours.
23 Another hundred yards, down again,( mumbling to himself in delirium.
24 The headlights shot across the concrete columns in a delirium.
25 Stepan is falling ill without knowing it; his unspoken, unimagined destination is delirium and death.
26 The Don spoke quietly gravely to pierce through the blasphemous delirium.
27 Every time her power of struggling against the growing delirium grew fainter and fainter.
28 OBJECTIVE:To observe the efficacy of new antipsychotic agent of olanzapine and the traditional antipsychotic agent of haloperidol in treating senile delirium.
29 Objective To explore the reasons and care treatments of delirium tremens occurred in mental disorders due to use of alcohol.
30 After a year in ashen Paris, he was in a chromatic delirium.
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