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V-shaped in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2019-07-05Updated:2019-07-05
Similar words: shapedu-shapedl-shapedunshapedball-shapedfan-shapedegg-shapedcone-shapedMeaning: adj. shaped in the form of the letter V. 
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1. Such V-shaped ribs are not found on brachiopods, which have never developed the capacity for burrowing.
2. The monument is a V-shaped low wall of polished black granite that reflects back the image of the viewer.
3. Put in a V-shaped trench 6in apart above a layer of course sand. Fill trench with light soil and water well.
4. The V-shaped stomach has a single-layered columnar epithelium under which, in the cardiac and fundic portion, well-developed gastric glands are present.
5. With the helical antenna and a V-shaped plate antenna as a unit antenna and the second-order hexagon as the array, the antennas are integrated and simulated and get the low side-lobe characteristics.
6. The Boeing concept, below, also uses a V-shaped twinned tail section, and like the Lockheed jet, it also places the engines on top of the wings.
7. The optimum angle of V-shaped cracks is obtained. The fracture control effect is verified by three-dimensional modelling tests.
8. The star images produce a V-shaped appearance.
9. Small unshaped log residence of V-shaped wall cross section, which is fit for manual-making on site, can accelerate construction speed and has a good wall stability and seismic resistance.
10. The gradient magnetic field generator is one V-shaped tank with V-opening magnetizer and permanent magnet or electromagnet embedded to the bottom.
11. The wall is granite and V-shaped, with one side pointing to the Lincoln Memorial and the other to the Washington Monument.
12. Using ABCD matrix to optimize cavity parameters, V-shaped folded cavity which could compress the laser mode radii on KTP effectively was selected.
13. "Too many people think it's a V-shaped situation, where you hit rock bottom and then everything is suddenly great," he said. "I think there are more hurdles to come.
14. Fisherman Ray Turner hand-built the V-shaped stone overflow dam, or weir, in the East Branch of the Delaware River in New York; its walls funnel eels into a wooden collecting rack.
15. Variants include V-shaped recovery, L-shaped recovery and :-( shaped recovery.
16. Conclusion: Use of lateral V-shaped flap to repair vermillion defects achieved definite results.
17. Having prepared for the return of soup kitchens in the spring, they are now betting on a strong and rapid return to business as usual – a so-called "V-shaped recovery".
18. Special for mullion V-shaped welding and cross welding cleaning.
19. When uncropped , the ears are V-shaped button ears of medium length and thickness, set high and carried rather high and close to the head.
20. With history books replete with tales of V-shaped recoveries following steep downturns, financial markets have become giddy, hoping that signs of bottoming beget the long-awaited rebound.
21. Small cracks should be enlarged by chipping out more concrete to make a V-shaped channel.
22. A series of experiments are designed of plunge cutting work-pieces with V-shaped cutters to investigate the impact of chip-ejection speed interference on cutting forces.
23. Left of Venus, the bright star Aldebaran anchors the V-shaped Hyades star cluster.
24. A silicon wafer bonding technology and its application to new dielectric isolation combined with conventional V-shaped grooves are described.
25. This consists of an L-shaped recovery for western Europe, a U-shaped one for North America and a V-shaped one for Brazil, Russia, India, China and the "next 11" emerging economies.
25. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
26. The moon will be about halfway between the tiny dipper-shaped Pleiades star cluster and the V-shaped Hyades star clusters.
27. In other words, 1937 was the year that the V-shaped recovery from the depths of the Depression turned into a W-shaped one.
28. To investigate a new type of low stress precision cropping system, it is necessary to obtain the feasibility that the heat stress was used to prefabricate the ideal crack of V-shaped notch tip.
29. The modern suit's padded shoulder has the whiff of an epaulette while accentuating the V-shaped torso of classical antiquity so sought by Brummel.
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