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Egg-shaped in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2018-06-14Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: ring-shapedshapedu-shapedeggshellcone-shapedball-shapedtube-shapedstar-shapedMeaning: adj. rounded like an egg. 
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1 Rugby is played with an ,egg-shaped 'ball.
2 The ovum is roughly spherical or slightly egg-shaped.
3 His egg-shaped body shook with his mirth, and the Model T rocked from side to side.
4 According to this idea, the particle could be egg-shaped.
5 Golden cowries are egg-shaped with a flat base and a narrow opening.
6 Engkey, a white, egg-shaped robot developed by the Korea Institute of Science of Technology (KIST), began taking classes Monday at 21 elementary schools in the southeastern city of Daegu.
7 Retailing for $5 million, the oddly egg-shaped Trilobis seems halfway between a giant yacht and a floating home.
8 OUT OF ROUND : Product that is elliptical (egg-shaped) and having its maximum diameter 90 degrees from the smallest diameter.
9 And unlike most near-Earth asteroids—whose eccentric, egg-shaped orbits take them straight through the solar system—this asteroid's orbit's almost circular.
10 Sony Corp has also entered the motion chip market with its egg-shaped Rolly MP3 player, which lets users adjust volume by turning the player in their hand.
11 She has a scar on her forehead. Her face is not round, but sort of egg-shaped,( and she is about the height of this table.
12 Digital photo frames are all the rage these days, and this egg-shaped digital photo frame certainly puts an interesting spin on things.
13 The best ones will fit perfectly into the template, with egg-shaped heads and no visible patches or holes.
14 Wild tomatoes, for instance, are very small and round, but through selective breeding we now have cultivated tomatoes that may be pear-shaped, egg-shaped, or even donut-shaped.
15 Women would be buried with necklaces made from teeth, pets, and copper earrings, as well as jugs and an egg-shaped pot placed near the feet.
16 In both the Acid Bessemer and Basic Bessemer processes molten pig iron is refined by blowing air through it in an egg-shaped vessel, known as a converter, of 15-25 tonnes capacity.
17 Women would be buried with necklaces made from teeth, pets, and copper earrings, as well as domestic jugs and an egg-shaped pot placed near the feet.
18 This paper solved the problem of equivalent load of unbonded prestressed bar for egg-shaped digester and get reasonable results.
19 Were we, class?) So when Tyler finally handed over the weird, translucent, egg-shaped moonstone and Mason immediately brought it to Katherine, I didn't let out a full-on gasp.
20 A late-blooming type of garden tulip having long stems and egg-shaped, variously colored flowers.
21 IBM constructed one of the fair's most popular pavilions, an extravagant, egg-shaped theater showing visitors how computers work.
22 This skill catapulted the classically trained composer onto the stage of Beijing's egg-shaped National Theatre.
23 This world map slices up the globe into two egg-shaped pieces and, for some reason, a kidney-shaped one.
24 However, this theory predicts that the electron has a more distorted shape than that suggested by the Standard Model. According to this idea, the particle could be egg-shaped.
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